October 28, 2016

#Rescue Dog, Gary, Grows Hair for #Halloween!

Gary at the time of Rescue with our Assistant Junior.
Handsome Gary today!
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October 26, 2016

#Wordless Wednesday: Snoopy got a second chance!

The team treating Snoopy.
Every day we have stories to tell. Today we are sharing Snoopy's story. Some volunteers rescued Snoopy and brought him to us. He was in really rough shape when he arrived in our clinic-- It appeared as though someone had threw something like hot motor oil on this innocent little fella. 

Snoopy had horrible burn wounds on his body.
His fur was missing and he had painful burns on his body. He is currently being treated at our veterinary clinic, and is slowly recovering, starting to look so much better!
Snoopy feeling much better with treatment!

Help make a difference for innocent animals like Snoopy by contributing a donation today here, so we can continue to help many more animals in need the Peruvian Amazon Region.
Volunteer Soraya holding Snoopy.

Amazon Community Animal Rescue Education & Safety is an established 501c3 charity in the USA and ONGD in Peru.  We are the only legal domestic animal rescue charity in Peru's Amazon region. We rescue, treat, shelter, and find loving homes for HUNDREDS of animals every month.  We are a Great NonProfits Top-Rated Charity.

October 24, 2016

We LOVE our Volunteers!

Meet Soraya, one of our amazing volunteers!
Amazon CARES couldn't do the work that we do without all our awesome volunteers! We have dedicated and hard-working volunteers all over the map. In Peru, we rely on volunteers to help us take care of the animals in our care, and also participate in campaigns to help us spread the word about our mission.
Volunteer Sammy helping out at the clinic

In  addition, we have a number of "virtual" volunteers based in the U.S. who help with all sorts of things via the internet. Currently Stephanie Lugo is our super duper social media volunteer, and Sarita Patel is our fabulous blog editor, who also was in Iquitos last July volunteering as a Vet Assistant for 2 weeks! Read more about Sarita's experience in these three exciting posts: "Bienvenido a la Selva", "Adventures in Cat Catching" and "A Great Fix". We are currently recruiting more volunteers to help us grow our organization- we need help with everything from grant writing, to translation services, to a fundraising coordinator. For more information about our virtual volunteer opportunities, check out our website here!
Little "Perdido" taking an afternoon nap

Amazon CARES is a qualifying organization for the prestigious Presidential Volunteer Service Awards ProgramThe President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation issues the President’s Volunteer Service Award on behalf of President Barack Obama. The Award recognizes the best in American spirit and honors volunteers that demonstrate outstanding service and participation over the course of a 12-month period. To be eligible for an Award, maintain a current record of volunteer activity and hours online. Please contact our Executive Director, Manuela Rodrigues, so that she can register you on the PVSA website and for any additional information.
We can't wait to have you join our team!

October 19, 2016

#WordlessWednesday: #Pet Forget-Me-Nots #AdoptDontShop

In many animal shelters, it's not only about adopting out puppies and kittens in need of homes, but many adult dogs too! Don't overlook a loyal, trainable, and cuddle-worthy dog when you're on the look out for your next best friend. Gringo and Lucho are two of our middle-aged cuties with plenty of spunk and love left to share with their furever family. 

Interested in helping us provide more pets with access to shelter and veterinary care in Iquitos, Peru? Virtually “adopt” a precious dog or cat awaiting a new home by making a donation here!  

Special thanks to HyMMarketing and the team of IquitosCityGuide for donating time and their fabulous professional work with all the pictures taken for Amazon CARES!

October 17, 2016

Support #Animals in Need with #AmazonSmile Every Time You #Shop

Friends of Amazon CARES, there is now another super easy way you can support us! Through Amazon Smile, all of your Amazon.com online purchases can receive 0.5% of all eligible things on smile.amazon.com. If you already shop on Amazon.com, this is an amazing way to help us at the same time- we operate completely on donations and truly appreciate any support.

You must use this unique link for us to receive donations through your purchases: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/45-3660998

Once you have selected us as your charity, you don't need to select us every time you shop, but be sure you are shopping through smile.amazon.com for us to receive donations.

We wouldn't exist without you, and we are grateful to EVERYONE who makes it possible to help the animals of Iquitos, Peru. Together, we can provide affordable access to veterinary care and animal shelters in communities that need us.

October 14, 2016

Rehabilitation Progress Of Our Rescued Peruanita

Peruanita arriving to our clinic badly injured
Several weeks ago we took in a badly injured Peruvian Hairless Dog, whom we named "Peruanita". She was brought to our clinic by police officers, and it was apparent that she had been hit by a car. Unfortunately, this type of accident is very commonly seen in Iquitos, Peru. Due to her injuries, Peruanita sustained permanent damage to her spinal cord, causing paralysis of her hind legs. 
Lucerita and Peruanita's new wheelchair!

One of our amazing supporters, Lucerita Cordova, kindly donated a doggy wheelchair to us from one of her previous pets. Thanks to Lucerita, we hope to rehabilitate Peruanita and get her moving around in the near future! 

Hydrotherapy Sessions
Currently, we are are providing hydrotherapy to her in the Amazon River basin outside our animal shelter three times per week to help her regain strength. So far we have seen amazing progress- Peruanita has been able to walk a few steps on her own with her back legs after a few of our hydrotherapy sessions. While we may not have access to expensive equipment like a water treadmill, all of us at Amazon CARES do our very best to come up with new solutions to help every animal that walks through our doors that otherwise wouldn't have a chance. 

Check out the video showing a little bit of one of the hydrotherapy sessions of Peruanita!
Remember that any donation at all helps us keep our doors open to all animals in need. Thank you so much for your continued support! Donate Today!

October 12, 2016

#WordlessWednesday: #Pet Adoption is the Greatest Gift of #Love! #AdoptDon'tShop

Check out some of our latest adoptions! Help by sending a donation to http://bit.ly/HELPPLS

Adorable Cat, Carolina, with her happy owner!
Shelter Dog, Pablo, was adopted today!
Dilys, in honor of  Supporter Dilys Vela.

Longtime Shelter resident. Lulu, with her caring owner!

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety is a US 501(c)3 with humane society programs in the Amazon jungle of Peru!

October 11, 2016

Nion gave up on life, but Amazon CARES would NOT let him!

Nion wanted to disappear. We wouldn't let him! This is his story, and the story of thousands of dogs & cats rescued by Amazon CARES! 
Nion living on the street - Desperate for food, love and care.

Vet Assistant, Junior, rescuing street dog, Nion
Nion lived under a bench in the Plaza Roja in San Juan, a neighborhood in Iquitos.

Our friend, Georgina, saw him everyday at 6 AM. She eventually gained his trust so that she could rub his head on her morning walks. Until he disappeared. When she saw him again his hair was knotted and pulling at the skin, and there were oozing sores covering his body. He wouldn't let her approach him

Georgina told Amazon CARES about Nion, and we sent Junior right away. Georgina's eyes filled with tears as nobody else was willing to help Nion. Within 15 minutes he was in our care. Nion hid under his bench. He wouldn't raise his head or make eye contact, but our Vet Assistant, Junior, coaxed hungry Nion out with food. 
Junior and our Veterinarian, Dr. Edwin, with Nion.

Tufts of white hair were attached to the scabs covering his malnourished body. Other spots were raw and bloody. He was riddled with parasites. His tail resembled that of a reptile. His teeth and gums were bloodied from scraping food off the concrete.

Nion was named in honor of donor, Nion Dickson.
Nion is regaining his health due to a regimen of medicated baths, antibiotics, and other treatments adminstered by our licensed veterinarians. His hair is growing in nicely, and he is learning to trust people. 

This is the story of Nion, but it is also the story of Paloma, Forest, Aida, Simon, Fluffy, Esteban and Charlie - a story many of you already know. Share Nion's story-- 
because our charity is suffering and we NEED donations to survive.  
For your safety and to prevent fraud, make sure that you are actually donating to Amazon CARES through our official Crowdrise page or through PayPal!

Thank you for your support!

Amazon Community Animal Rescue Education & Safety is an established 501c3 charity in the USA and ONGD in Peru.  We are the only legal domestic animal rescue charity in Peru's Amazon region. We rescue, treat, shelter, and find loving homes for HUNDREDS of animals every month.  We are a Great NonProfits Top-Rated Charity. We have collaborated and/or received donations from Humane Society International, Best Friends Animal Society, Worldwide Veterinary Service, Brigitte Bardot Foundation, Canadian Animal Assistance Team, Veterinary Ventures, Animal Welfare Institute, Embrace Pet Insurance, Animal Rescue New Orleans, The Dottie & David Bonnett Foundation, The Catalina Family Foundation, Leona de Boer & Ray Muzika, The Mednikow Family Foundation, The Greater Good Foundation, Lupine Collars & Leashes, Animal Medical Care Foundation, Apple Charitible Giving, CGI, Assurant, Campbell Pet Company, and many more generous donors.

October 8, 2016

Cats Campaign Stats!

Amazon CARES has been spaying and neutering cats like crazy! Since last July, we've had an exciting ongoing campaign dedicated to trapping, sterilization, and release of feral cats found in the streets of Iquitos, Peru. Leona De Boer and Ray Muzika have graciously sponsored this campaign, allowing us to provide care for more than 200 cats so far.

A momma cat with 9 kittens were abandoned in our door
As of September 15, we have spayed and neutered 149 street cats! Of the street cats we've operated on, 63.75% have been females, ad 36.25% have been males. In addition, we have also provided free spay and neuter surgeries for 57 additional pets of people with very low income, who would otherwise not be able to afford it.  These procedures are all performed by our dedicated veterinary staff, in addition to the already hectic daily schedule of seeing walk-in patients and daily surgery appointments.

Dr. Edwin and volunteers in the OR
Our Iquitos staff and volunteers have noticed a drastic decrease in street cats that haven't already been spayed or neutered in our go-to market cat-catching areas, prompting us to extend our campaign to new and surrounding neighborhoods. We still have 51 more street cat spays and neuters to go as part of this campaign. Good work, team!

Amazon CARES Medical Staff in action!
In November, we will be launching a new campaign to provide veterinary care to 100 street dogs, in memory of a dear friend recently lost, Bill Grimes. Please consider making a donation to help make a lasting impact for the animals in Iquitos.  

October 5, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Kitty Condos

Cat Cages in our No-Kill 
Housing cats in an animal shelter can be challenging. If not given enough space or enrichment, cats can become easily stressed, leading to an increased incidence of disease, like upper respiratory infections. 

Group housing is a wonderful solution for many shelters to maintain healthy, happy, and well-socialized cats. Amazon CARES has "Cat Condos" in our no-kill jungle shelter, as well as on the top floor of our busy clinic in Iquitos, Peru.

Want to help us help more cats? Consider making a donation today! http://bit.ly/HELPPLS

October 2, 2016

Anti-Parasitic Campaigns at Amazon CARES

Dr. Fernando giving anti-parasitic medicine to a kitten.
Treating our companion animals with anti-parasitic medications and flea/tick treatments is a vital part of caring for our canine and feline friends seen in our clinic in Iquitos, Peru. Located in the northern Amazon Rainforest region, you can probably imagine how many different types of bugs you can find in the city! Internal parasitic infections, infestations of fleas, and tick bites all can make pets really sick, and can even cause death. Unfortunately, we see these cases in our Iquitos clinic on a daily basis. Many animal owners simply are not aware that preventative medication is necessary for their pets. It's our goal to educate our clients and provide life-saving preventative medication at an affordable cost.
Our Veteran Vet Assistant, Harry, with a puppy.
Virtually all stray animals living in the streets of Iquitos are infested with fleas and ticks. Even in the United States, tick bites are the vector for many terrible animal diseases, like Lyme Disease, Erhlichia, and Anaplasma infections. The prevalence of tick-borne diseases like Erhlichia is very high in Iquitos. When a stray animal is brought in to us, one of the first things we start with is treating for fleas, ticks, and internal parasites.

Amazon CARES often holds campaign events offering low-cost or even free anti-parasitic medication and flea/tick preventative. Through community events such as these, we hope to provide education and accessibility to affordable veterinary care to all the pets of Iquitos.