September 14, 2016

In Memory of Bill Grimes

It is with heavy hearts that we write in memory of a dear friend to our Amazon CARES team, Bill Grimes, who passed away in a devastating storm in Iquitos occurring this past Friday night. Torrential downpours and winds up to almost 50 mph tore apart homes and buildings, and injured 30 people. This is the worst storm on record for the city in many years. 

Bill Grimes with his wife Marmelita
Bill was an American writer, jungle tour guide, and photographer. He was the President and Captain of the Dawn on the Amazon Tours and Cruises and cafe owner, providing countless tourists with unforgettable experiences in the beautiful Amazon Rainforest. Bill was loved within the Iquitos community, and he will never be forgotten. Our thoughts are with Bill's wife, Marmelita, and his family.

Storm Damage in Cabo Lopez
With time, Iquitos will be able to heal and rebuild after this horrible tragedy. Our animal shelter, Cabo Lopez, was damaged and will have to be repaired with new parts for the roof.
Volunteers working in our Shelter
Our dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly this past Sunday to clean up the wreckage and fallen trees in the area, and cared for all our shelter dogs and cats.

Our team is currently doing everything in our power to take care of the street animals that suffered through this terrible event. Amazon CARES would like to honor Bill's memory through a new campaign to provide 100 more street dogs with veterinary care. Please consider supporting us in our fundraising efforts and by spreading the word. A friend of ours and Bill's, Tracy Temple, has set up a Crowdrise Fundraising Page to help support our efforts- All donations will be applied to our street dog campaign in memory of Bill Grimes. Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support, especially through these challenging times. 


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  1. This is a very sad time for the people of Iquitos and a very worthy cause. Good luck and may good bless you and your admirable efforts in caring for the street animals in the area.


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