September 21, 2016

Animal Welfare Awareness Event

Amazon CARES hosted an exciting event in our Iquitos clinic last Sunday: an open-house style "Gran Feria" open to the public!
Amazon CARES in the local paper

Volunteers spent the weeks before the fair spreading the word about our organization and inviting everyone to come check out the clinic in the heart of the city of Iquitos. Our event even made the local papers and national news of Peru!

The event was a huge success for us- full of friends, food and fun. The focus of our event was to invite the community to find out more about us, our mission, and what we offer. In Iquitos, many people simply don't know that there is affordable veterinary care available for their pets, as well as an animal shelter they can bring injured and sick stray animals in to. Through community outreach, we hope to make Iquitos a better place for dogs and cats.

Amazon CARES Fair
During our event, we provided 100 animals with free rabies vaccinations, and offered deworming medication for all. We also had a raffle and some fun crafts for sale as a fundraiser to support our shelter dogs and cats. We had a total blast and can't wait for more events like this in the future!
Homemade crafts for sale at the fair

Interested in volunteering? Amazon CARES offers virtual and veterinary volunteer positions year-round. Please send an email to to learn more!  

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