August 28, 2016

National Dog Day!

National Dog Day this past Friday was a pawesome reminder of the significance of dogs and other companion animals in many of our lives, and the incredible bond that humans and animals share. While in the United States it's normal for us to consider our pets members of the family and treat them so, it can be much different in foreign countries like Peru. In the city of Iquitos, Peru it's extremely common to see overpopulation of dogs and cats living in the streets almost everywhere. Even owned animals commonly live outdoors. The amount of unwanted, stray, and sick animals in this area is overwhelming. Amazon CARES has been dedicated to caring for the animals of Iquitos for 12+ years- from wellness exams and emergency care, to vaccination and sterilization campaigns, to a no-kill shelter operation, our organization is truly passionate about bettering the health and welfare of all companion animals and providing animal owners with the resources they need. Many thanks to everyone who supports our mission! 

Please become a sponsor today and help make the difference in the lives of dogs that need us - Any amount will help and be very much appreciated! Rest assured that your donation is being used to help the animals. All donations are tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3).

Volunteer Amanda Vargas and "Amanda" the pregnant mama dog
One of Amanda's Puppies

Mama Dog "Manuela" and her 7 puppies
Newborn baby bottle feeding as rescued mama Sydney recovers from C-section

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