January 6, 2016

Is Your Dog Safe on Night Time Walks?

Safety Tips for Dog Walking at Night | Amazon CARES

Safety Tips for Dog Walking at Night

Jordan Walker is very passionate about animals. He is the lead content curator for Coops and Cages and other pet-related blog sites, and has written several articles about them covering various topics. In this article he gives tips on how you and your dog can remain secured during a nighttime walk.
Walking your dog is necessary not only for the sake of having a daily dose of exercise, but also for them to enjoy a spree in the park and not get bored. While it is best to do this during the day, sometimes we just don’t have the time due to certain reasons, such as work schedules. And with winter fast approaching, days are becoming shorter and you would soon realize that your daily afternoon walks are almost like an evening stroll. Dog owners who take their furry best friend for an evening walk should take extra precaution because visibility is minimal. Aside from not being able to see everything on the ground, others like motorists and pedestrians, might not see you and your dog. So, to ensure overall safety while dog walking at night, keep these things in mind:

Light Up Your Way

This is no brainer, but some people just tend to forget to bring a flashlight, at least a quality one. If you want to be able to see where you are going, or at least be seen by others, make sure you bring along a bright flashlight with fully charged batteries. If you want to keep your hands free, you can go with a headlamp. The important thing is you and your path are visible.

Illuminate Yourselves

One way to increase your visibility is to wear reflective gears. Nowadays, there are light reflective vests you can buy for you and your dog. Also, there are reflective leashes and collars are available on the market. When buying, just make sure you get those that are of excellent quality.
You might also want to try out the new dog-safe LED lights which can be hung or worn on your dog’s leash, collar, or ID tags that light up your dog like a Christmas tree. As for yourself, bright colored clothes will make you more visible.
Dog Dog Dog

Keep Your Dog Close

If your canine friend is used to a long leash during the day, this is not very advisable during night walks. To keep your dog safer, always keep him closer to you and to where it is visible. Never keep him out of your sight.

Walk a Familiar Path

Because of the decreased visibility, one of the things you need to be very alert for are other creatures of the night. Most dogs freak out when they sense or hear something which they cannot see, and this may cause a lot of trouble, dragging you along or even completely run away from you. So better take a familiar path which you know is not frequently visited by creatures of the night. This way, you will be sure that you don’t come head-to-head with an uninvited guest.
Dog Dog Dog As much as possible, try to avoid walking your dog at night. Daytime walks are much more fun as both of you will even get to enjoy the scenery. However, if this cannot be avoided, then always be alert, be aware of your surroundings, and take precautionary measures by doing the above-mentioned tips.

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Author: Jordan Walker
Jordan is the lead content curator for Coops and Cages as well as a couple of other pet-related blogs. His passion for animals is only paired with his love for “attempting” to play the guitar. If you would like to catch more of him, you can by following his Twitter account.


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