November 8, 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt an Adult #Cat by @PawesomeCats

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt an Adult #Cat by @PawesomeCats

Guest Post by Pawesome Cats

When prospective pet parents visit an animal shelter it’s usually the cute, cuddly kittens that get all the attention, but don’t overlook the adult cats available for adoption who have a lot to offer and may be a better choice for your family and your lifestyle.

You know what you’re getting
A kitten doesn’t develop its full personality until it matures – so it’s hard to know what sort of cat you’ll end up with when you take home a cute 8-week-old kitten. Will they be aloof and independent, a 3am athlete, or a cuddly lap cat?  When you adopt an older cat you know their personality, how much fur their shed, how talkative they are and how much attention they’re likely to require.

Understand basic household etiquette
Adult cats are generally house-trained and most of the time they know right from wrong. Provided they have been trained, they will know how to use a scratching post instead of clawing your furniture or curtains, they are less likely to run around the house all night while you’re trying to sleep and they are usually litter-box trained.

Older cats are lower maintenance
Kittens are like human toddlers – they are active and curious which means they require constant supervision to keep them out of mischief. Adult cats are more independent; they’ve outgrown the crazy kitten behaviour and will be quite content to take care of themselves during the day when you’re out at work.

Great for families and kids
Kittens and small children are not always a great combination. Kittens are fragile and prone to injury and they are likely to bite or scratch without warning if they are handled roughly, for example if their tail is pulled. An adult cat that is accustomed to children is likely to be more tolerant of little ones and will walk away when ‘enough is enough’.

When you adopt an adult cat you are saving a life!
Cute and fluffy kittens will always be in higher demand and stand a much better chance of finding a home. Adult cats that have been abandoned or surrendered by their owners through no fault of their own deserve a second chance!

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