June 17, 2015

Charlie's Angel: Rescuing A Dog With No Hope

He could barely walk
Charlie when Ursala rescued him
I have never met Ursula Vari, yet I feel I know her.  While visiting Iquitos she came across a dog she named Charlie.  

Charlie, in recovery

Charlie is the reason I started Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety in 2004.  

Charlie, gaining confidence
Charlie is the reason our work remains important.  Even a no-kill shelter would have euthanized Charlie.  He had no hope, and his eyes begged for the mercy of death.

But Charlie's ailments are not necessarily fatal.  Despite being riddled with mange, parasites, infections, and suffering from dehydration and malnourishment, we have treated many animals like Charlie. 
Ursula Vari

Ursula had hope, even when Charlie did not.

Thanks to Charlie's Angel, Ursula, and the dedicated Amazon CARES team in Peru led by Tanith Peña Araujo.

Amazon CARES needs your support to rescue animals like Charlie. Additionally we are desperately trying to find new land for a shelter devastated by flooding.  Read more about the flood.

Donate for flood relief.
Donate for animal rescue programs.

Written by Molly Mednikow

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