June 17, 2015

Charlie's Angel: Rescuing A Dog With No Hope

He could barely walk
Charlie when Ursala rescued him
I have never met Ursula Vari, yet I feel I know her.  While visiting Iquitos she came across a dog she named Charlie.  

Charlie, in recovery

Charlie is the reason I started Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety in 2004.  

Charlie, gaining confidence
Charlie is the reason our work remains important.  Even a no-kill shelter would have euthanized Charlie.  He had no hope, and his eyes begged for the mercy of death.

But Charlie's ailments are not necessarily fatal.  Despite being riddled with mange, parasites, infections, and suffering from dehydration and malnourishment, we have treated many animals like Charlie. 
Ursula Vari

Ursula had hope, even when Charlie did not.

Thanks to Charlie's Angel, Ursula, and the dedicated Amazon CARES team in Peru led by Tanith Peña Araujo.

Amazon CARES needs your support to rescue animals like Charlie. Additionally we are desperately trying to find new land for a shelter devastated by flooding.  Read more about the flood.

Donate for flood relief.
Donate for animal rescue programs.

Written by Molly Mednikow

June 11, 2015

Throwback Thursday: History Repeats Itself As Flood Washes Hope Away

This blog was originally published in March of 2012.

The Itaya River continues to rise, strongly affecting those living on the coast, and including our no-kill animal refuge at Cabo Lopez.

The inundation of rain has caused a fast deterioration of the shelter.  There is no longer a dividing wall between healthy animals and those in treatment.  CARES' workers are endangered, as they must wade through water to get food to the dogs, avoiding snakes and other dangers.  Sadly, the dogs have no play area anymore.

We currently have 50 dogs at the shelter.  We are re-locating them to a Maloca building on the property.  The rain continues and the flooding continues to worsen.  Amazon CARES's has appealed to Peruvian authorities for help with this disastrous situation, and we can only hope they will listen to our plea.

Our number 1 priority at this time is getting animals adopted and re-located.  If you can help us rebuild our shelter, please donate today.

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Translated from Spanish by Molly Mednikow.

June 4, 2015

Jungle Shelter Destroyed by Flood...Again! Help Us Rebuild Please.

In 2004, nobody wanted an animal shelter in their neighborhood.  We built a beautiful shelter 30 minutes away from the city, but jungle elements and flooding every few years are a constant challenge.  Finally, there is more compassion for animals, and people understand our mission.  We seek a new location and we must rebuild.  WE NEED YOUR HELP to make this vital move.  This will help us better care for our animals and increase adoptions!


We are committed to the no-kill philosophy. Thus, our jungle shelter has lifetime residents, living in a beautiful, large, peaceful location. Our adoption rates continue to increase, yet animal abandonment keeps our shelter full. Now we our shelter is devastated by a flood! We are utilizing foster homes, although many dogs are living on wooden platforms in poor conditions. Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety began in 2004, at a time when the majority of people in the remote Peruvian Amazon town of Iquitos and surrounding areas lacked awareness and respect for domestic animals. Through humane education, animal rescue, adoption, and free veterinary clinics, we have made significant changes to the culture in the region.
Our Mission:  Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education, & Safety (@AmazonCARES) seeks better health and living conditions for ALL living beings in the Peruvian Amazon region.  This includes appropriate care, respect, and protection from cruelty and neglect.