March 13, 2015

Celebrate National Wildlife Week

March 9-15 was National Wildlife Week, the National Wildlife Federation's longest-running education program for teaching children the wonders and benefits of protecting our world's wildlife.

While Amazon CARES is best known as a domestic animal charity in Peru's Amazon region, we follow and believe in our mission statement, which includes wildlife animals as well:

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education, and Safety (CARES) seeks better health and living conditions for ALL living beings in the Peruvian Amazon region. This includes appropriate care, respect, and protection from cruelty and neglect.

Amazon CARES works hard to represent the rights of all animals in the region, and has reported inhumane treatment of wildlife animals, raised funds for neglected animals, and filed a formal complaint about the illegal use of endangered animals as decoration (yes, decoration). Read more about those efforts in our post, Celebrate National Wildlife Day in Amazon CARES. If you want to help support our mission, you can make a donation here.

But what can you do at home?

The National Wildlife Federation has a few great ideas to get involved in learning about and protecting wildlife near you!

  • Join Wildlife Nation - A community of adults working to connect kids with nature.
  • Organize a community event - Organize a trail clean-up, tree planting, building a habitat garden in your community, host a recycle event.
  • Join a local watershed group - Surf Your Watershed can help you find one!
  • Conserve water 
  • Reduce runoff and erosion by planting trees and native plants
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Limit your use of chemicals and plastics
  • Create a water source for wildlife
  • Adopt a wildlife animal

For more information and some great resources from the National Wildlife Federation, visit the NWF website.

 Photo Credit: JPBennett1 via Compfight cc

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