March 23, 2015

7 Phone Apps For Dog Parents

By Abbie Mood

It seems like there is an app for just about everything, and there is certainly no shortage for dog enthusiasts. With everything from the fun to the functional, here are some of my favorites for the iPhone, though I'm sure many of them are on the Android system, too!

Dog Park Finder Plus - $1.99 - Find the closest dog parks, off-leash areas, beaches, hikes, and rest stops. Includes user reviews and important information about these areas (hours, park type, restrictions).

Clicker Lite - free - Forget your clicker during training? Download the Clicker Lite for free and never be without your training tool.

Pet Dossier - $1.99  - Organize all of your pet's information in one place instead of filing papers.

My PetMinder$.99 - Like a datebook for your dog, keep track of your dog's appointments, health or eating habits, medication, or anything else you need.

Map My Dog Walkfree - Log your walks, map routes, and track calories.

Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross - $.99 - This app is like the WebMD of the pet world. Look up your pet's symptoms and figure out how to either self-treat, or when to get them to the vet asap!

Guide to Dog Breeds - $.99 - Whether you are trying to figure out your dog's breed, or just like learning about them, this little app will be your go to guide!

Photo Credit: William Hook via Compfight cc