February 26, 2015

Common myths about spaying and neutering your pet

On Tuesday, we shared some great videos and information about why pet parents should spay or neuter for National Spay Day (you can find that post here), and today we wanted to share some of the myths around spaying or neutering.

Myth: Every female pet should have a litter. It's good for their development.

No, this just contributes to the overpopulation of pets in shelters. While there is a current debate about whether or not to allow a female dog to have her first heat, the general consensus in the veterinary world is still that it is better to spay before that first heat if possible.

Myth: I want my male dog to be protective and he will lose that instinct if he is neutered.

Neutering can help behaviors like marking, roaming to find female dogs in heat, inappropriate mounting, and possibly aggression towards other males, but it's not going to change his personality.

Myth: It's expensive.

There are many low-cost clinics around the United States and around the world that make it very affordable. Sometimes rescues are able to help with the cost, and sometimes clinics even offer free fixing for dogs, such as pit bulls. Click here for spay/neuter resources in the United States. Click here for spay/neuter resources internationally.

Myth: I'll find a good home for the puppies or kittens.

While this may be true, this unnecessary litter is taking away a home from a dog or cat already in the shelter.

Myth: I love my dog or cat so much that I want another one just like him or her!

All animals have different personalities, and while an offspring may have similar traits, it is not the same animal, and may not be the same personality.

Dr, Annie Cook providing a spay/neuter clinic in Peru. Read about her experience here.

One of the goals of Amazon CARES is to provide education and resources to pet parents in Iquitos around pet care, including the importance of spaying and neutering their animals. You can help support our mission with a donation today! Any amount is gratefully appreciated.

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