January 20, 2015

What's your pet resolution this year?

Over the last year, "dog shaming" has become a popular thing around the internet. For those who haven't heard of it, it involves taking a picture of a dog looking "guilty" with a sign in front of them detailing their dirty deed!

This year, positive reinforcement dog trainer Victoria Stilwell came up with the idea of pet resolutions, highlighting what our dogs (and their parents!) might strive to do better in 2015. There are quite a few submissions in the Positively community, and we thought it would be a cute idea to do with our wonderful Amazon CARES supporters and adopters!

What does your pup need to work on? Manners? Coming when called? Reducing counter surfing? Post below - we want to see it! And who knows, your #petresolution might be featured in an upcoming blog post!

Photo Credit: Positively community

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