December 20, 2014

Our Holiday Promise: Lifetime Homes for Shelter Animals!

Chester Before
Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety prides ourselves on taking in abandoned street dogs and restoring them to health and finding them happy, loving homes.  Amazon CARES is 100% dedicated to the no-kill philosophy. *

Chester Now
Nearly every dog we rescue would be euthanized by an American shelter, even a no-kill shelter.

Yet the dogs we rescue almost always have treatable conditions such as severe mange, skin, ear and eye infections, malnutrition and parasites.  Treatment may take many months, but the results are amazing.

Scott has a home for life!
Scott, above, has not had an easy life, and we were forced to amputate one leg following a traffic accident.  Dogs like Scott have a forever home at the spacious jungle shelter where he is not confined to a kennel!

This holiday season please don't forget how many animals we can rescue for just a small donation!  Please continue supporting us!  One very easy and FREE way to save animals is by utilizing GoodSearch and GoodShop, featuring all of your favorite retailers.  Happy Holidays from everyone at Amazon CARES!

* We have written about our no-kill philosophy in previous blogs "Princess Chose Us:  True Meaning of 'No-Kill;" and "The True Meaning of 'No-Kill' Part II" which discusses PETA's controversial position on the no-kill movement.

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety (Amazon CARES) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the USA and a nationally registered ONG in Peru.  Read our Mission Statement here.

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