September 25, 2014

Give Back to Animals with GoodSearch!

By Shannon Sullivan

Supporting Amazon CARES has never been easier. With you can support our charity just by doing the things you already do, such as searching the internet, shopping online, and using your debit or credit card in your own town. With the holiday season fast approaching, now is a wonderful time to get signed up with Goodsearch and start giving back!

There are three easy ways to support Amazon CARES using Goodsearch.

1. Use as your search engine.

Goodsearch is a wonderful tool that allows supporters, like you, to donate to a charity without spending a dime. Goodsearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo. Every time you use Goodsearch about one penny is donated to Amazon CARES. It may not seem like much, but pennies can add up quickly! If only 1,000 of Amazon CARES’ supporters use Goodsearch twice a day, $7,300 in donations can be earned every year.

Using Goodsearch is simple! Go to and you’ll be asked to choose your cause. Select Amazon CARES, then get searching and watch as the pennies add up! Goodsearch keeps a running total of how much money your internet searches earn for Amazon CARES. Remember to bookmark the Goodsearch page! You can also download a Goodsearch toolbar by clicking here!

2. Use Goodswipe when shopping at your favorite retailers.  

Goodswipe is a new program offered by Goodsearch where you can support Amazon CARES simply by making the purchases you already make with your debit or credit card. Over 50,000 locations nationwide are part of the Goodswipe program. When you make purchases at retailers such as Staples, GAP, Quiznos, Regal Cinemas, and Sears among many others, you can earn up to 3% of your purchase for Amazon CARES. Visit the Goodswipe website for more information and to find out which of your favorite retailers are part of the program.

3. Use Goodshop when shopping online.

You can also earn money for Amazon CARES by shopping online. Goodshop offers coupons and other deals at your favorite online retailers. When you use the Goodshop tool, or shop with participating retailers, a percentage of your purchase is automatically donated to Amazon CARES. By using Goodshop for your online holiday shopping you can get great deals online and support Amazon CARES at the same time!

Visit the Goodsearch Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about how you can use these tools to benefit Amazon CARES.

Thank you for supporting Amazon CARES! Without your support we would be unable to help the animals of Peru's Amazon Rainforest.

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