June 11, 2014

Why Donate To Amazon CARES?

Recently supporter Jenny Meneses made a very generous donation to Amazon CARES.  When asked why she chose to donate to our cause, Jenny had the following thoughts to share:

I am a Peruvian expat, my extended family is Peruvian and I lived in Lima for several years.  Being there I saw the stray dog problem and was saddened and very frustrated at the time because there was nothing I could do about.    My aunt lived in a part of town where there were lots of strays, and one day she took in an abandoned female dog “Millie” left abandoned outside her house.  As it turned out, Millie was pregnant. I got to spend a lot of time with Millie and the pups, took care of them, took them to the vet, my parents financed taking care of them for a while.  However, my aunt could not keep them all, and we ended up taking Millie and most of the pups to a local shelter.  I had grown attached to them, and the thought of “abandoning them”, not knowing what was to become of them was devastating.  This all happened more than seven years ago.

Recently I came across a young girl (I would guess perhaps between 4th-6th grade) carrying a poster about stray animals in Guatemala, and she was collecting money for the cause.  It reminded me of me when I was living in Peru.  Back then I was limited in what I could do help, being financially dependent on my parents, with no income of my own.  Now, that has changed; I have a job, am self-sufficient and can help financially.  Researching online trying to find how I can help spay/neuter efforts in Peru I found Amazon CARES.

Thank you for all the hard work you and others at Amazon CARES have put into helping the dogs.  This is a topic I care deeply about, and your efforts are much appreciated.

Amazon CARES is the first, and only, domestic animal charity in Peru’s Amazon River Basin.  We are also home to the area’s only no-kill dog shelter.  You can help us with our mission to provide veterinary care for Peru’s dogs and cats by donating today.  PayPal: sponsor@amazoncares.org or via Crowdrise.

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