June 8, 2014

"Shamans and Charlatans" - Named A Must Read By The Iquitos Times!

Gart van Gennip recently published “Shamans and Charlatans," a novel based on his experiences living in the Amazon rain forest for eight years. As the owner of a jungle lodge near Iquitos, Peru, Gart has had the opportunity to help organize and take part in many ayahuasca ceremonies. For eight years, he documented his own amazing experiences, as well as those of many of his guests. “Shamans and Charlatans” is the result. 

Shamans and Charlatans is the story of Jerry Coburne, a man who travels to Iquitos after having been visited by a shaman in his dreams. In Iquitos, he meets many of the colorful gringos that have made this town their home. One of them is Captain Bill Grimes, of Dawn on the Amazon fame. Many of Jerry’s encounters take place in and around the Dawn on the Amazon Café.

The Iquitos Times said about this book: “'Shamans and Charlatans' is a must-read for anyone who is planning to travel to the Amazon rain forest and for anyone who is interested in the mysterious Ayahuasca vine.” Join Jerry Coburne, the hero of Shamans and Charlatans, on his spiritual quest for truth in the Amazon rain forest.

Purchase your copy here!

You can order the book here: www.ikitos.com/shamansandcharlatans

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