May 15, 2014

Animal Lover Kristi Explains How Amazon CARES Has Allowed Her To Make A Difference!

Kristi Emerson is a longtime supporter of Amazon CARES.  This month she made a very generous donation to help feed the 50+ animals currently in our care.  We cannot thank her enough for her generosity!  When asked why she feels it's important to donate to our cause, Kristi had the following to say:

"I'm such a huge supporter of Amazon CARES and the hard working people who work tirelessly to save animals!  The day I discovered Amazon CARES while on vacation in Iquitos, my life and my views about my life drastically changed!  Since then, I have realized there so many things I can also be doing to help in the plight for animal welfare, and that has completely changed the path my life was on.  Amazon CARES has showed me that I can make a difference, and that is what I now strive to do every waking moment of every day!  I've never been happier or more sure of what it is I was meant to do and I cannot thank Amazon CARES enough for all that they do!  I even adopted the sweetest dog from them one year ago who is now living a very pampered life!  Even further proof that I can make a difference!  Thank you Amazon CARES, my new family!" 

Kristi with Mama Bear, who was adopted from
our no-kill shelter October 2013.

You too can make a difference and help improve the lives of dogs and cats in Peru's Amazon River Basin by making a small contribution today via PayPal ( or Crowdrise.

May 8, 2014

April Report - 50 Animals Need Your Help NOW!

Amazon CARES currently has over 50 animals in our care, which means we need your help now more than ever!  Our resources are extremely limited, so we depend on donations to provide these dogs and cats in need with the love and care they deserve. Please consider making a contribution today! Donations can be made via PayPal ( or via Crowdrise (by clicking here).

April 2014 Report

Dumbo,  8 months old.

Spays and Neuters - 12
Owned pets - 7
Street animals - 5

Medical Treatments - 13
Owned pets - 6
Street animals - 7

Successful Adoptions - 5
Dogs - 4
Cats - 1

Rescues - 11
Dogs - 8
Cats - 3

For Adoption - 50
Dogs - 48
Cats - 2

Media interviews - 2
News articles - 1

Meeting with Loreto Lawyer's Association
San Juan deworming campaign

Tonito,  6 months old.