April 7, 2014

March 2014 Veterinary Campaign Report

March 2014 Veterinary Campaign Report


171 total

54 dogs neutered
86 dogs spayed
14 cats neutered
17 cats spayed

94 owned dogs
46 from the streets

30 owned cats
1 from the streets

Medical and Parasite Treatments:

570 dogs
43 cats

We love our team and volunteers!

Interested in volunteering in an upcoming volunteer campaign? Visit www.amazoncares.org! We are in need of volunteers for our June 2014 trip!

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  1. I am a veterinarian and will be traveling to Iquitos on a medical mission. I am carrying vet supplies to animals in 5 villages. If I have any left over supplies, can I get them to you on Sat Dec 6th at 10 am before my departure?


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