March 22, 2014

March 2014 Volunteer Veterinary Campaign Is Underway!

Amazon CARES veterinary volunteers have finished their first week of work in Belen, a very poor area of Iquitos.  We are happy to host veterinarians Kaisa Yla-Tuuhonen and Karoliina Tuomola, both from Finland, and Michelle Rechkemmer, from Canada, for our first volunteer veterinary campaign of 2014.  Next week our volunteers will be working about 275 miles from Iquitos in the town of Contamana. 

Our volunteers are working in a very remote region of the world.  Iquitos, home of Amazon CARES, is the largest city in the world than cannot be accessed by road, only by boat or by plane!

Campaigns such as this one are held four times a year, and are our most costly, but also most effective, work.  Please consider making a contribution to our cause so that our volunteers may continue to improve the lives of dogs and cats in Peru's Amazon River Basin.  Donate today via Crowdrise here or through PayPal (

Karoliina and Kaisa performing surgery.

Vet tech Harri prepping a patient for surgery.

Karoliina and Julio performing surgery.

Michelle handing out candy.

Surgery at Cabo Lopez.

We are still in need of volunteers, especially veterinarians, for our June 2014 volunteer trip.  Visit for more information or contact Shannon at

March 13, 2014

Amazon CARES February 2014 Report

Amazon CARES is the first, and only, domestic animal charity in Peru's Amazon River Basin. Below is a report of our work during February 2014.

Spays & neuters: 19
Medical treatments: 26
Dog adoptions: 6
Cat adoptions 7
Dogs rescued: 8
Cats rescued: 7
Dogs at no-kill shelter for adoption: 60
Cats at clinic for adoption: 9
Media interviews: 1
News articles: 3

As a 501(c)3 charity, we rely on donations from the public to continue our work. Please consider making a small contribution today via PayPal ( or on our Crowdrise fundraising website.

Timothy, a dog for adoption
at our no-kill shelter.

March 9, 2014

First Annual Charity Dinner & I Love Animals Award

On Saturday, March 22, Amazon CARES will be hosting our first ever charity dinner to benefit the animals and raise awareness about animal welfare issues. Recently CARES Board Member Milagros Tuesta sat down for an interview about dinner and Amazon CARES’ work.

Amazon CARES (Community Animal Rescue, Education, and Safety) is a non-profit organization that seeks better health and living conditions for ALL living beings in the Peruvian Amazon region. With 10 years of hard work, Amazon CARES has accomplished, little by little, to become an important resource for the community of Iquitos. With a team of professional and enthusiastic board members, Amazon CARES hopes to continue the hard work and save more animals in need.
1.      How does the Amazon CARES dog shelter work, and, how much money, on average, do you spend monthly?

Amazon CARES is a non-profit organization; we own a veterinary clinic that allows us to obtain our money resources, along with donations from the public. About the shelter expenses, these overpass the 7000 PEN (Peruvian Nuevo Sol or $2500 USD) monthly, and this serves to give shelter and rehabilitation to more than 50 dogs. To date, Amazon CARES has rescued, rehabilitated and gave for adoption more than a thousand dogs and cats.

2.      If I can’t adopt, is it possible to sponsor a dog?

Yes, with 150 soles a month, or about $54 USD, you can sponsor a dog from our shelter or one that you would like to rescue.

3.      If is not possible contribute with money, could we give Amazon CARES supplies that could be used in the shelter (dog food, medicines, etc.)?

Of course you can! There are different ways to help Amazon CARES. Anybody can donate pet food, medicines, taking your pet to our veterinary clinic, walking our dogs in our Cabo Lopez shelter, joining our volunteer program, adopting a pet, neutering or spaying your pet, promoting adoption, and sharing our Facebook posts.

4.      But, why adopt an adult dog, if I can adopt a puppy?

There are many reasons:
·   You will know for sure the personality of the dog.
·   The size of the dog will not vary.
·   You will avoid typical puppy mess, and adult dogs are more calmed.
·   The dogs know how hard life is for a stray dog, and know how to safely walk on and navigate the streets.
·   The adaptation to the new home and family sometimes is fast and easier, because they understand body expression and character from humans.
·   They have a good disposition to learn habits and rules of the new family.
·   Show an unconditional love, gratitude and fidelity.
·   Dog training is linked to playful instinct and they don’t lose that instinct until they are very old, so the ability to learn is not limited to the years they are.
·   They are very humble.

5.      Since when has Amazon CARES engaged in this type of activity, like charity dinners, to raise funds?

This is our first event of the year, but we have been doing fundraising activities in Loreto since 2004.

 6.       Who is the targeted public for this charity dinner, and when it does it take place?

This dinner will be held on March 22th in the Tennis Club, where we will present the award “I Premio Amo a los Animales” (“I Love Animals Award”) in order to recognize the contribution of individuals, volunteers, businesses and institutions that collaborated with the animal cause in the 2013.

7.      What is the program for the charity dinner night, and, how much is the fee?

For the charity dinner, we have a program entertaining cultural and artistic activities, such as, ballet dancers, violin players, mime show, and dances. We are confident that will be of your total satisfaction. We are requesting 80 soles ($28.57 USD) per person and 150 soles ($53.58 USD) per couple.

8.      Is there a specific goal you will be using the money raised with this charity dinner?

With the funds, we seek to increase the number of kennels in our shelter in Cabo Lopez, which will allow us to rescue more animals and subsequently promote adoption of more dogs and cats, and help with the over population of these animals in our city streets.

9.      Personally, how does it feel to be part of such kind initiative?

I feel very proud to have been part of the team of Amazon CARES. We are a group of people with a willingness to serve and are united for a common goal “to help and create animal welfare awareness”.

Milagros Tuesta
CARES Directory Board Member

While our benefit dinner is being held in Iquitos, Peru, you can contribute no matter where you live. Consider making a contribution so that our work may continue via PayPal ( or via our Crowdrise fundraising website.