May 22, 2013

What You Gain By Giving - Volunteering with Amazon CARES

By Shannon Sullivan

Volunteering one’s time and skills is a wonderful way to support an organization or give back to a community. However, volunteering isn’t just about giving - there’s also a great deal you can gain. Amazon CARES is successful due to our many great volunteers, but we can always use more help!
Amazon CARES volunteers.

Amazon CARES currently has many volunteer opportunities, both virtual and in-person. Everything from veterinary volunteers to blog contributors to grant writing. There are many ways to volunteer with Amazon CARES. We are still in need of volunteers for our 2014 veterinary campaigns. Trip dates are March 16-30, May 11-25, and October 5-19. Learn more here! To learn about virtual volunteer opportunities, follow this link

There is much to gain by volunteering! 

Jimmy, a dog helped by Amazon CARES.
Improve the Lives of Others
Volunteering with Amazon CARES allows you to help improve the lives of domestic animals throughout northern Peru. In addition, many programs offered by Amazon CARES aim to improve the lives of humans.

Strengthen Communities

Amazon CARES feels that creating a culture of empathy and compassion is vital to the humane treatment of animals. Our programs help to educate and strengthen communities.

At right are community members supporting justice for a dog named Arthas at an animal cruelty court case. Read more here.

Career Experience 

With so many different ways to volunteer, working with Amazon CARES allows you to utilize your skills and gain valuable job experience.

Our mobile clinics are an excellent opportunity to learn and use veterinary and animal-handling skills.

Connect With Others

Volunteering allows you to meet other like-minded individuals with similar interests. You also have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and ways of life.

Benefit Your Health

Volunteering has been found to increase self-confidence, self-esteem, life satisfaction, and help combat depression. Volunteering can also help to improve your physical health. Studies have found that those who volunteer have a lower mortality rate than those who do not, and volunteering has also been shown to lessen symptoms of chronic pain and heart disease.

Learn more about volunteering with Amazon CARES on our website!

Amazon CARES sincerely thanks all of our past, current, and future volunteers!

Veterinary volunteers in front of our clinic in Iquitos, Peru.

We love our volunteers!

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