May 12, 2013

Amazon CARES Celebrates Moms!

By Shannon Sullivan

Alvina is with her new mom Evelyn.
In observance of Mother’s Day, Amazon CARES would like to recognize mothers everywhere! Especially all of those women who have given homes to animals in need. Many dogs and cats from the Amazon CARES shelter have been adopted by loving women, and we thank each and every one of them!

Happy Mother’s Day! A mother's love is priceless!

At left, Pancho is seen with Johana. At right is Kurt and his new mom.

Sergio with his new mom.

"Definition of Mother…the greatest unconditional and infinite love we will ever experience in our existence…" - GB Life

Amazon CARES' wonderful Manuela is celebrating her first Mother's Day today! Manuela is a vital part of the Amazon CARES team; without her hard work and dedication, our organization would not be the success that it is. Join us in wishing her a terrific and relaxing Mother's Day!

Manuela is seen here with her beautiful 10 month old daughter Ingrid.
Also pictured are Manuela's four-legged children, Biggie, who was rescued from Brazil, (at left) and Sammy (at right).
Leo is seen at left with his new family, including mom Tatiana. And at right is Miguel with his new mom!

Read Keara's story here!

Proof that a mother's love knows no bounds, volunteer Donna Bodkin adopted Keara, flying her all the way to North Idaho to join the Bodkin family!

Find out how you can help care for these puppies here!
This Mother’s Day, Amazon CARES has a new mom and her pups to care for. A homeless dog and her six puppies are now in our care, and we could use your help

The team at Amazon CARES sincerely wishes every mother out there a fantastic Mother's Day!

These three kittens have found great forever homes!


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  2. I absolutely adore the picture of Manuela with her fur babies and her young daughter! Thanks for letting us use the photo Manuela!


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