April 19, 2013

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities, Shannon Sullivan's Debut Blog: International Medical Marijuana Day?

On April 17th, Amazon CARES friend and volunteer Mary Haight wrote about National Volunteer Month.  In her well-read blog, DancingDogBlog, Mary took the time to mention international volunteer opportunities with Amazon CARES in Peru in her recent blog post!  Mary Haight has been a volunteer in Peru with Amazon CARES, and we appreciate all the wonderful blog posts she has written on her blog and on our blog.  Read some here.

Shannon Sullivan has been a volunteer for Amazon CARES since 2011. She works as a veterinary technician in North Idaho and plans to attend veterinary school. As a student of sociology and bioethics, her studies have focused on the relationships between society and animals, as well as animal welfare.She is an avid reader, baker, self-proclaimed Star Trek geek, and loves being outdoors, especially when backpacking in the beautiful Inland Northwest. Working in veterinary medicine, Shannon has spent the last decade rescuing and fostering countless critters. Her four-legged family includes seven cats, one dog, three rats, a guinea pig, and a bearded dragon.  She has recently agreed to take over as our Blog Editor, and her first blog will appear on April 20th, which is International Medical Marijuana Day.  What does this have to do with Amazon CARES?  Read on tomorrow to in Shannon's debut blog, "Spiritual Tourism in the Amazon!"  

Amazon CARES also has several virtual volunteer opportunities as well.  You can see them on our website as you scroll down the Events Page.
Amazon CARES is a qualifying organization for the prestigious Presidential Volunteer Service Awards Program, which we first wrote about here.  
The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation issues the President’s Volunteer Service Award on behalf of President Barack Obama.  The Award recognizes the best in American spirit and honors volunteers that demonstrate outstanding service and participation over the course of a 12-month period.  To be eligible for an Award, maintain a current record of volunteer activity and hours online with the USA Freedom Corps.  Please contact molly@amazoncares.org so that she can register you on the PVSA website. 

Previous Amazon CARES volunteers have been distinguished with the following awards:
  • Sarah Razmandi Taylor, Bronze, 2009
  • Ana Garcia, Silver, 2010
  • Ana Garcia, Bronze, 2011
  • Brandi Pool, Gold, 2010
  • Linda Schwefel, Bronze, 2010
  • Manuela R., Bronze, 2010
  • Manuela R., Silver, 2011
  • Manuela R., Lifetime, 2010 (based on work on behalf of many organizations)
  • Molly Mednikow, Lifetime, 2009 (based on work on behalf of many organizations)

New awards are currently being processed for 2012 Volunteers!


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