April 2, 2013

Flagrant Disregard for Endangered Species Still Common in the Amazon

In late February,  in the Office of Environment, Amazon CARES confronted the complicit passivity of authorities in charge of a flagrant violation of the law and basic humanity.   Amazon CARES presented an official complaint regarding Mr Luis Navarro Achoa for crimes against natural resources.  In the horrific case of the "wild carnival" of Bellavista-Nanay, merchants utilized endangered animals hanging on "humisha" trees as decor. 

Besides this outrageous act of barbarity, the contest organizer for the Municipality of Maynas, offered a cash reward of 3000 Nuevo Soles (more than half a year's income) to the winner of of this bloody humisha tree decor.  The merchants and government blatantly ignored environment law, sending a signal that locals can continue preying on the Amazon's natural resources, including endangered species. 

Below is a copy of the formal complaint made by Bruno Antoine, Director of Amazon CARES in Peru.  Although it is in Spanish, we wanted it to be seen. 

Despite the evidence, the president of the association of Bella Vista vendors refused to recognize his criminal act "in forms of depreciation protected wildlife." Our lawyer Dr Isabel Cabanillas will host a discussion this evening about abuse, trafficking and animal law.

In total, two monkeys, a howler monkey and a wild boar, registered on the list of wildlife species protected by law, were murdered for the sake of decoration. Ironically, this took place as the sixteenth conference of the parties to CITES was being held in Bangkok.  During the closing ceremony, here in Iquitos endangered species were thoughtlessly killed with the blessing of Regional Forestry Officials and Municipality Maynas.  To add insult, the offender received an award from the President of the association of Bella Vista of s/ 3000 cash!

Warning:  Pictures are extremely graphic and disturbing.  They are on the following page.

Our important legislative efforts are not well funded in Peru.  If you can afford to support these important causes, we urge you to join us today today, to help us prevent further atrocities.

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