January 3, 2013

2012 Top Posts: Animal Abandonment

"Cruelty and Indifference I Will Never Accept" from March 20, 2012

"I just found these 8 new-born kittens on the sidewalk. Left in the burning sun to die. Bystanders looked on and did nothing. They just shrug; it´s not my problem! The umbilical chords were still attached; these babies are less than a day old. They can´t survive, but I took them to my friends at Amazon CARES anyway. But all they can do is give them a more humane death.

I hope one day someone will be able to explain it to me in a way I can understand: how can someone take away these kittens from their mother and dump them on the sidewalk like trash? It doesn´t cost anything to just leave them with the mother and give them a chance at survival. Maybe one day I will be able to understand the cruelty and indifference many people harbor. Understand, maybe, but I will never accept it."

Commentary by Gart Van Gennip

Gart Van Gennip is the manager of the San Pedro Lodge near Iquitos, Peru.  He was featured in our previous blog about Martin the Monkey, who still needs help to live a better life.

Editorial Note:  There is left than a week left in our "Month of Compassion & Giving."  We have generated nearly $2000 in donations through various channels.  Please support us with any donation that you can afford.  Molly Mednikow


  1. I am so very sad for these tiny babies who never had a chance but thank whomever took them to give them a humane end.

    Tiny lives never lived but were loved for such a very short time .RIP sweetest little babies I will always hold your memory in my heart. Karma will severely punish the human being (s) who so cruelly abandoned you all 8 precious baby souls

    I keep your photograph in memory of you all and please know I loved you all very dearly

  2. Thank you so much for your heartfelt comments. Animal abandonment continues to be a problem in Iquitos. It is especially painful when the abandoned are too weak to survive on their own.


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