September 26, 2012

What Was the Sentence in Iquito's First Animal Abuse Case?

Animal welfare advocates are celebrating in Peru!  Especially in Iquitos!

In a July blog we wrote about a milestone agreement with the local Bar Association and Amazon CARES.

Yesterday, the fruits of our labors smelled so sweet.  After working with the government to toughen laws and enforce existing ones, we brought our first animal abuse case to trial.

Yesterday, the judge handed down a harsh sentence in the case, a true victory for Amazon CARES and our wonderful pro-bono attorneys of the Bar Association.

Much press has been given to this news.  Below, I have done my best to translate the original article located at

The Poisoning Sentence

Sandra Padilla sentence for animal abuse

Sandra Padilla is Sentenced for the Mistreatment of Animals
Sandra Padilla previously appealed the judge's ruling, claiming a lack of evidence for the crime for which she is charged.

Sandra Milagros Padilla Alvis, never imagined that an attempt on the life of Arthas, a puppy of 5 months, owned by Alfredo Martín Díaz García, would result in being charged for a crime.  In the 3rd Counsel Magistrates Court she was sentenced for offenses against morality under an Animal Abuse and Cruelty Code.

On February 18, 2012, Sandra Padilla Alfredo Diaz threatened to end the life of Arthas.  The next day the woman stayed true to her word, poisoning and killing the little pet.

R.I.P. Arthas.

Arthas was poisoned

After seven months of court procedures,  Sandra Padilla has been sentenced to pay fines of 2000 Peruvian Nuevo Soles that will cost her 25% of her daily income for next 200 days.   She will be paying S/ 1200 to the state and S/ 800 in damages to Alfredo Diaz.  The convicted must pay the fine within ten days. *

Alfredo Diaz tells the story, remembering what happened to his puppy and saying that it was time to have justice for the life of Arthas.  His speaking up is a sign of progress for Amazon CARES, which constantly advocates that people should not remain silent about these abuses.

"I feel good for having done justice to the life of Arthas who died in my arms because of the cruelty of Sandra Padilla, now I hope to do justice to the abuse that occurs with many animals." Diaz Garcia added.

Alfredo Diaz poisoned dog owner
It should be noted that Amazon CARES has spent years in a constant struggle to assert the rights of animals for the first time in Iquitos.  They stated that the daily abuse of animals are illegal and immoral and that animals are also living beings with rights. 

*1200 Nuevo Peruvian Soles = $462 US
800 Nuevo Peruvian Soles = $308 US
Total fine $770 US 

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  1. I am so happy to read about this great progress in Peru! Thanks to Molly Mednikow and all the people who are making AMAZON CARES the amazing organization it is.


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