August 4, 2012

Vanity and the Jungle Don't Mix

My first day was eventful, as I helped a tourist trap a stray dog with my rusty dog-catching skills.  I named her Cindi, after a Donor who is really upset with me for not writing a prompt Thank You Note.  My fault, entirely.  I am so thrilled to welcome Manuela back from maternity leave!  Congratulations Manuela!  Those Thank You notes won´t fall through the cracks on Manuela´s watch!

I had no trouble sleeping last night. The jungle is cooler at night, plus the generator was on so I had a small fan by my bed. I don't know what time I went to bed. I don't think it was past 10, but it seemed late because it gets dark so early. I couldn't put down  Gone Girl: A Novel.   Finally I felt badly about the kerosene being wasted in the generator so I went to bed. My beloved rescue dog Marone hopped onto the foot of the bed as if no time had passed between us.  If you don´t know about Marone, I consider her a co-founder of Amazon CARES!   I fell asleep before the generator was turned off.

I woke extremely early. Breakfast wasn't until 8:30 and I had several hours to go. I finished the awesome book, and started organizing the few things I packed for myself. I already unpacked all the veterinary donations from Embrace Pet Insurance the day before.  Everyone at the office was so thrilled!  

Now I'm just sitting, sweating, waiting for the Mototaxi to take me to the office.  It is hot! And humid. I wonder what I was thinking when I actually packed cosmetics for this trip? I have sweated off said make-up and I haven't even left my jungle refuge yet. I have a bright red pimple shining like a lighthouse beside my nose. Vanity and the jungle don't mix.

Thank you Dick Van Patten Natural Balance Pet Foods for unwittingly gifting me with my most needed accessory. That bright blue bandana intended for my pet? It's my bandana now... And I doubt even a dog would want it after I use it to wipe my brow all day!

After the early Spring flooding, the river is now low. My beloved boat is on dry land. That means the coming group of volunteers won't relish their peaceful commute to work by water. The roads have improved, however.

I purchased the "As Seen On TV" "Bra-Tastic" set of three bras.  They are seamless, stretchy, but they are no match for a Mototaxi without shock absorbers and the dirt paths leading to our jungle lodging. Ladies, bring a strong sports bra!

I will say that buying two of those battery operated light bulbs was pure genius.  Wish I´d brought more.  If you are coming on the August vet trip and are reading this, please bring a book!  And a strong bra (unless you are male, of course)!

Amazon CARES will send out a daily text update during our Vet trip which ends on August 26.  US and Canadian residents can receive this text by texting "YES" to US number 202-258-2780.


  1. Thanks for stopping by Vicki! We named a rescue dog in your honor! Have her on video, but who knows how long that will take to download on this Internet connection!

    1. Oh thank you so much Molly! I was just reading about your shopping trip. All that for $20 - I'd say you did pretty good!

  2. Your vivid descriptions help me visualize you sweating through your make-up and trying to figure out how to manage the "bouncing." LOL! I hope you're capturing these letters home for an upcoming book about your Amazon adventures!

  3. Thanks for your comment Gloria! I am so pleased you took time to read this blog and comment!

  4. Keep up the awesome work!! I'm sure you look gorgeous even without your makeup! :)

    Big Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Thank you for saying so Snoopy! Of course, in a dog´s eyes, humans are all judged more fairly. :)


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