August 3, 2012

Spaying Pregnant Dogs in Third World Countries

Dr. Patrick Mahaney is a huge advocate for Amazon CARES.  Through his tireless work with traditional and new media, more people are learning of the work of Amazon CARES.  This article originally appeared at PETMD.

Spaying Pregnant Dogs in Third World Countries

Having grown up with parents who instilled a strong sense of do-gooding in me, I’ve always felt compelled to help better the lives of both pets and people through my veterinary practice. I’ve primarily worked within the safe, controlled, and clean environment of hospital facilities (and my clients’ homes, which is another story), but my internal travel compass motivated me to pursue a "vets abroad" experience.
My first veterinary philanthropic trip found me traveling to Peru with Amazon CARES (Community Animal Rescue Education Safety). Our M*A*S*H style, mobile veterinary service brought a variety of wellness treatments to communities in and around Iquitos, an urban jungle perched on the bank of the Amazon River, and each day brought its own set of unique challenges.

At each site, we were greeted by an eager group of pet owners with their dogs and cats in need of medical services. Additionally, we treated street animals that were captured, sexually altered, and then released back into their familiar territory.
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