August 15, 2012

Have You Fallen in Crazy Love with a Homeless Dog?

"It happens all the time
This crazy love of mine
Wraps around my heart
Refusin' to unwind"

lyrics from "Crazy Love" by Rusty Young

Help Darba travel from Peru to Australia!
That is exactly what has happened to Leticia, a charismatic young woman from Australia.  She came to Peru five months ago and adopted a homeless street dog.  The dog, a male named Darba, is in extremely good health and very well trained (albeit in Spanish), as well as house-broken.

Now it is time for Leticia to return home, and Australia is a country with very tough restrictions regarding the entrance of animals into their sovereign nation.

Amazon CARES wants to help Leticia in any way possible.  As the proud owner of an imported Peruvian dog in the US (@MarilynMonrowf), I understand how hard it is to say goodbye once a street dog becomes a pet and "wraps around your heart."

I can bring Darba to the US in early October, airline permitting.  The ideal situation would be for Darba to somehow end up in the Los Angeles area, as this would be the point of departure for Australia.  Leticia is willing to pay for any costs involved in the care and transport of Darba.  Darba needs to stay in the US for 5 months and receive many vaccines and tests before the Australian government will allow him to be reunited with his forever family.

Can you help?  I can get him to Atlanta, Georgia.  He could stay in Atlanta for a while or be transported directly to California.  Please comment below if you have any ideas to help Leticia and Darba.  We are in a rush, as I, along with other volunteers, leave for the more remote jungle on Friday!

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