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July 29, 2012

You Want Awards? We've Got Awards!

Top Dog BlogAs I ponder the "Top Ten Awards" we give to special activists, I realized I had failed to thank for awarding us with a tremendous honor.

I don't throw my hat in the ring for well known awards such as the Petties or the Blog Paws Social Media Awards.  I am humble about any success Amazon CARES reaches in the social media world.  Yet recently, a person I greatly admire, asked me to write a guest blog about a Social Media topic!

I almost felt compelled to prove myself worthy.  So I am bragging this week.  I am only one of many social media mavens.  Just check out my Blog Roll!  Without further ceremony, here are some of the accolades Amazon CARES has received.
Amazon Cares provides a further example of best practice when it comes to using Google+, especially in terms of boasting a strategic and integrated approach to communicating with different audiences. While linking prolifically between alternative social media sites to create an extremely interactive network, the nonprofit also pays specific attention to the benefits of Google+ by using tailored imagery and detailed posts to inform its volunteers and benefactors. The Amazon Care Google+ page is a testament to engaging in constant and well-thought out interaction, and proves the value of assessing each social media tool on its individual merit.
  • Molly Mednikow, Charities in Focus International Photography Exhibition, Honorable Mention.  See Photo.  2007
  • Molly Mednikow, Doris Day Animal League "Kindred Spirit " Award.  See Award.  2006

Photo 1:  Fresia
Photo 2:  Street Dog

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