July 3, 2012

June Trip Success. Vets Needed for August!

Bruno Antoine, Director of CARES Peru, welcomes Veterinary Volunteers to our Iquitos based clinic.

On the heels of the June Veterinary trip ending, we have a great itinerary planned for our August Veterinary Trip.  See details and a map of destinations on the trip page of our website.

All placements are full except for VETERINARIANS.  We urgently need licensed Veterinarians for this amazing trip, August 11-26.  Due to our urgent need, we can offer discounts on the trip fee.  If you are a Veterinarian, or know of one that might be interested, please share this blog with them.  For thoughts on the June trip, keep reading...

South African Vet, Jackie Terblanche with Russian Vet Nurse, Yelena Poveda.
The June Veterinary Volunteer Trip has just ended.  Vet Nurse Yelena Poveda, a native of Russia, commented 

"I am back from the jungle to civilization, here in Iquitos, and I'm about to pack my bags and go back to my country tomorrow night. The trip was fantastic! I was very glad to meet with the Peruvian doctor and with my colleagues the vet techs from the Amazon CARES clinic. Together with two vets from South Africa, we made a fantastic team! We worked hard to treat and sterilize animals in Iquitos and in the villages along the rivers. We also had a great time together exploring the jungles and fishing. I think these relationship won't end here!!!
The people in the area where we worked were amazingly friendly and warm, it was a true pleasure to do what we could for them. 
Overall, a great experience, and if some of my friends the vets or vet techs want to volunteer for this unique project, visit their trip page on their website."

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