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June 1, 2012

Thank you to Thank you Animal Lovers.

It is hard to believe that a few weeks ago I considered throwing in the towel on my dream of Amazon Community Amazon Rescue, Education & Safety.  Financially and emotionally exhausted, I did not have the resources to keep CARES alive.  At that time I could not possibly conceive of the amazing community of animal lovers in this world that would reach out to help.  The words of support and donations have restored my will (and ability) to continue.  A very special website, dare I say a "movement," Be the Change 4 Animals made Amazon CARES their "Cause of the Week."  With their permission I am reprinting their original blog, and I encourage everyone to visit their blog to learn more about this special group of activists.  Thank you so much - Molly Mednikow

Amazon CARES Needs Your Help to Survive!

Amazon CARES
The worst flooding in decades wiped out Amazon CARES‘ no-kill animal shelter, the ONLY Peruvian charity dedicated to the protection of the Amazon region’s domestic and wild animals. Rebuilding a sturdy albeit smaller structure has nearly destroyed the organization, and a matching grant that they depended upon will not occur for another 6-12 months.
Help fundraise without spending a dime! (…although we wouldn’t stand in your way if you donate too.)

Act Now!

Here’s how you can help:
  • Paste Amazon CARES’ story across your social networks:
Help @AmazonCares & Molly Mednikow save the only Peruvian charity protecting the Amazon’s domestic animals: #BTC4A
  • Write a blog post about Amazon CARES and add their Chip-In to your website or blog (Graphics are provided at the end of this post).
  • “Like” Amazon CARES on Facebook and share their posts with your Facebook friends.
  • Follow AmazonCARES on Twitter and re-tweet their posts.

Why It Matters

Amazon CARES LogoWhile the outside world is focused on the important global and environmental issues facing the Amazon Rain Forest region, no programs – aside from Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety (CARES)  - are in place for domestic animal welfare. Since its founding in 2004, Amazon CARES has protected the countless stray animals that roam the  villages of Peru as well as the wildlife. But the video below depicts the greatest challenge that Amazon CARES has ever faced.

Without Amazon CARES, health and living conditions for ALL living beings of the Peruvian Amazon region will suffer. Programs extend far beyond animal health, and CARES is recognized for humane education, assisted animal therapy, and volunteer driven travel to areas with no access to veterinary care.
According to founder Molly Mednikow:
Molly MednikowI am sad to report that the survival of CARES is a matter of weeks, not months.  There is no other charity like ours in the region.  In a matter of a few years, much of the work we have done will have come undone. We are close to our ChipIn Goal. Yet this was a temporary goal designed to get us through an emergency situation. Help us exceed this goal.
This very special organization has received international recognition as an innovative U.S. based charity operating in the Peruvian Amazon region. (Learn more about in our 4animals newsletter.) We can make a difference by ensuring Amazon CARES survival.

Take action right now. Don’t wait.

This post was written by Vicki Cook and Kim Clune with best wishes from the entire BTC entire team.
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  1. Molly, I'm so happy to hear that the response has been better than expected and that things are moving forward - buying you time to fundraise on a more substantial basis. We love everything you do and are happy to spread the word. I hope our community has had an impact to that end. We'll be following your progress and cheering you on every single day.

    Be well, Amazon CARES. This organization is so very important in an area where it is sorely needed. Cheers to not only your survival, but to a better than ever comeback.

    1. Kim, thank you so much for these words that inspire and motivate me. You are right that the Peruvian Amazon is sorely needed in the Peruvian Amazon. I am content to change the culture and better the lives of animals and people in this region. I can not replicate Amazon CARES in other parts of the world, but I hope that we can serve as a model of hope, where the domestic animal population has no hope.

  2. Molly - I'm happy to see you that met your immediate fundraising goal and will now be able to move forward with long-term plans. I greatly admire your courage and conviction both in founding this wonderful organization and in helping it come back from such tragic circumstances. I'm glad that Team BtC was able to help!

    1. Vicki: I know you were integral in the writing of this blog and I am sorry for not giving you more recognition. Thanks to Team BtC help, I am no longer fearful for the survival of Amazon CARES. Thanks for throwing us a lifeline.