June 25, 2012

Government Support for Animal Health Not Guaranteed

Veterinarians from South Africa and Russia are in Peru working with the CARES team to sterilize street animals.  The trip began on June 19 and will conclude on July 2.

Harri of Amazon CARES captures a street
dog as part of our TNR Campaign
Despite a publicized and signed contract with the Punchana municipality, on the third day of our public and animal health campaign, officials were no-shows!  As our volunteers waited for transportation to Punchana, and our Peru Director Bruno Antoine called various authorities with no response, we reached the conclusion that officials had decided that a vacation day took priority over public health.  

A government contract in Peru, signed with much fanfare and media attention, does not guarantee the promised support.

A Mobile Clinic in BellaVista-Nanay
It was a lost opportunity for the people and animals of the Bellavista-Nanay neighborhood of Punchana.  These people have been hard hit by recent floods and the post flood situation.  In fact, local health officials recently enacted an emergency plan due to the outbreak of Leptospirosis, a potentially deadly disease transmitted from animals to humans.

This is the sad reality Amazon CARES faces during nearly every Veterinary campaign.  

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