May 19, 2012

Why Amazon CARES Must Survive

I am overwhelmed at the response I received after pouring my heart out in my last blog.  I have tried to thank each and every donor personally for contributing to our #FloodFund.  We have raised funds that will get us through July.  

Obviously, there is still much need, as we continue to repair the damage from the worst flooding since the 1970's.  

We are proud of our new shelter (above), but it houses less than half the animals we usually shelter.

Today I want to remind people of why Amazon CARES exists, and why we must continue....

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety is the ONLY domestic animal welfare charity in the Loreto region.

Since 2004:

  • We have sterilized 24,487 animals for free.
  • We have provided human anti-parasite medications to 21,414 people.
  • We have rescued and re-homed 323 dogs and cats.
  • 532 volunteers have donated time and services.

If Amazon CARES closes, no other charity exists to take our place.  Within a short number of years, much of our work will unravel.  Animal Birth control programs are the most efficient and humane to control the stray population of dogs and cats.  Yet, to be effective, these programs must be ongoing.

The photos of our shelter before and after recent flooding are dramatic.

What is more dramatic is demonstrated in the photos below.  We have improved the lives of thousands of animals.  The animals we spay or neuter live healthier lives.  We have noticed a shift in how people perceive street animals.  The number of free roaming animals is lower, and their appearance is healthier. They do not suffer the same cruelty as mistreatment.

Amazon CARES changed their lives...

Simon from Rescue to Rehoming

We have created a culture more receptive to adopting street dogs, more aware of the responsibilities of pet ownership, more open to the benefits of spay and neuter.  

We are working with the local Bar Association and have brought animal cruelty charges against a person that deliberately poisoned his neighbor's puppy.  We are finally forcing government officials to take notice of previously ignored or non-existant animal cruelty laws.

Our Humane Education programs are far reaching.  We train volunteers and teachers to teach important lessons about responsible pet ownership, safety around pets, the prevention of transmissible diseases between animals and people, among many more topics.  Currently, our Humane Education workshops occur in different schools and colleges 7 or more times per week.

Amazon CARES, along with international veterinary volunteers, travel to the farthest reaches of the jungle to provide spay/neuter and veterinary care where no other veterinary care exists.

The culture is changing...and we can not abandon what we have created.

That is why I continue to ask for your support.  Thank you to our many supporters.  Please spread the word and help us create a miracle so that our survival is not a must be a reality.

We are close to our ChipIn Goal. Yet this was a temporary goal designed to get us through an emergency situation. Help us exceed this goal.

Please continue to support the unique and important work of Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety.

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