April 20, 2012

Shelter Flood Commemorated by BZTAT

I have written about artist BZTAT several times on this blog.  She is the only two-time recipient of one of Amazon CARES' "Top Ten" Awards"

Read about her work dedicated to bringing awareness to the link between domestic abuse and animal cruelty.  In a second blog, we write of her enduring commitment to the human-animal bond.

I spoke with BZTAT, aka Vicki Boatright, soon after the terrible flooding news came in from Peru.  My depression grew as the news became more grave.

Our donors have been incredibly supportive, and Vicki has provided a special way to commemorate this tragedy and thank the people helping us rebuild.

In Vicki's words, 
"I have known Molly for awhile, meeting her at BlogPaws conferences. I have found the work of Amazon Cares to be very inspiring and amazing. When I heard about the flood and the response of donors to help out, I wanted to do something to honor them. The drawing is a testament to the spirit of people who help bring hope at times when things seem the most hopeless. The dog is smiling, as dogs always do, showing the unconditional love that pets have for humans."

When you see this drawing on a person's Facebook Page, Pinterest Page, mentioned on Twitter, etc., you will know that this special person is a donor to the Amazon CARES #FloodFund.

Thank you for supporting us.


Molly Mednikow


  1. Good to hear that there are people who are raising these kind of issues which are very important.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Thanks for reading our blog!

  3. What a relief to know that someone cares about the Amazon area & the need to educate the Indigenous people re:animal cruelty. There are volunteer workers in various cities in Peru, Paraguay, Colombia, who are trying to assist the poor, & they are not aware of your org. Amazon CARES. I will do my best to inform these individuals of your work there in Peru.Animal lover June 12,2012


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