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March 2, 2012

Martin the Monkey Needs Me. And You!

 Today I was moved to tears after welcoming a friend into the Amazon CARES clinic in Peru.   Gart Van Gennip is the General Manager of the San Pedro Lodge near Iquitos.  Gart is also known around Iquitos as a defender of animal rights and has even worked with the authorities to close down two illegal 'serpentarios', where animals were brutally exploited. You can read his account here.

Recently Gart has championed the cause of Martin the Monkey.  On learning more about Martin I broke down into tears.  My first responsibility is to raise money for Amazon CARES.  Yet I am so moved by Martin´s plight that I must tell his story, and hope that we can raise the $1200 needed to build Martin an appropriately sized cage so that he can live comfortably.    He can live another 18 years, however he lacks survival skills to live in the wild.

According to his Facebook Page, "Martín is an adult woolly monkey who now lives in Iquitos, in a cage of 4 x 4 x 4 ft. He has no room to move, no toys to play with.

His owners want to give him a better home and have asked the San Pedro Lodge to adopt Martín. But an adequate cage costs about 1,200 US dollars to build. 

Please help us with a donation to bring Martín home. At the San Pedro Lodge we will take care of him and give him a good home."

Sadly, a person that had raised nearly $800 for this cause absconded with money she had collected from well meaning donors. 

If you choose to ChipIn any amount to help Martin the Monkey, I personally guarantee that I will deliver the money directly to Gart Van Gennip, for Martin´s benefit.

by Molly Mednikow