March 20, 2012

Cruelty and Indifference: "I Will Never Accept"

"I just found these 8 new-born kittens on the sidewalk. Left in the burning sun to die. Bystanders looked on and did nothing. They just shrug; it´s not my problem! The umbilical chords were still attached; these babies are less than a day old. They can´t survive, but I took them to my friends at Amazon Cares anyway. But all they can do is give them a more humane death.

I hope one day someone will be able to explain it to me in a way I can understand: how can someone take away these kittens from their mother and dump them on the sidewalk like trash? It doesn´t cost anything to just leave them with the mother and give them a chance at survival. Maybe one day I will be able to understand the cruelty and indifference many people harbor. Understand, maybe, but I will never accept it."

Commentary by Gart Van Gennip

Gart Van Gennip is the manager of the San Pedro Lodge near Iquitos, Peru.  He was featured in our previous blog about Martin the Monkey, who still needs help to live a better life.


  1. unbelievable !!! poor kittens I dont understand either how people can do this look at them there so beautiful every animal in the world is!!

  2. Like my dog Sally,a Chihuahua,who was abandoned in deep snow in single digit temperature Jan.8,2011. When I found her,she was nearly frozen,having curled up to die.I tucked her into the heavy coat I was wearing & took her home.After about 30 minutes inside my coat,she woke up with a start but did not growl.She is an older dog,and come to find out,pregnant.She had 2 of the tiniest pups I'd ever seen Feb.20,2011(Marcie & Linus) I gave Linus to a friend whose daughter had wants a chihuahua for a long time.I kept Marcie.All these dear little furballs are doing very well and are in loving homes.Sally is asleep on my lap as I type this.Adult Chihuahuas normally do not take up with strangers but Sally took to me immediately.

    I have taking in kittens,dogs and even 2 cockatiels who where not wanted.(Frank & Margret)I could not stand by & let these critters suffer.

  3. Dear Aimee and Geek Hillbilly: Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on this blog. It means so much to know about the actions of others to help these helpless creatures, and to know that I am one among many that will never accept cruelty towards animals.

  4. Besides the poor kittens which I'm so sorry you weren't able to save, can you imagine the anguish the momma cat felt? Have you ever seen a momma cat separated from her babies, even if just for a minute. I know I will never accept human cruelty. I also know that I will NEVER understand it either. It's beyond me. I wish I was it beyond everyone else as well. The world would be a much better place.

  5. Those poor kittens - thank goodness there are people who will not accept this sort of cruelty.

  6. Dear Ashley and Pup Fan: Due to allergies, I have not spent much time around cats and newborn litters. When we encounter cats we spay/neuter them. Sadly, we often encounter abandoned kittens. Much of the time, thankfully, they are old enough to survive.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment.

  7. Gart you are an angel of mercy to animals. At least those poor babies didn't suffer any longer than they had to. Thank you for taking them to Amazon Cares.


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