March 31, 2012

Flood Destroys Animal Shelter; Volunteer Trip Cancelled

With great sadness we report the forced cancellation of the April/May Veterinary Volunteer trip to the Amazon, which we were conducting in conjunction with the Worldwide Veterinary Service. *


This is the worst flooding in 13 years.  Our shelter
 is destroyed.
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Flooding has destroyed our animal shelter, and we have relocated all animals to a space below our jungle treatment center.

March 26, 2012

HELP - Flood Destroys Animal Shelter

The Itaya River continues to rise, strongly affecting those living on the coast, and including our no-kill animal refuge at Cabo Lopez.

The inundation of rain has caused a fast deterioration of the shelter.  There is no longer a dividing wall between healthy animals and those in treatment.  CARES' workers are endangered, as they must wade through water to get food to the dogs, avoiding snakes and other dangers.  Sadly, the dogs have no play area anymore.

March 20, 2012

Cruelty and Indifference: "I Will Never Accept"

"I just found these 8 new-born kittens on the sidewalk. Left in the burning sun to die. Bystanders looked on and did nothing. They just shrug; it´s not my problem! The umbilical chords were still attached; these babies are less than a day old. They can´t survive, but I took them to my friends at Amazon Cares anyway. But all they can do is give them a more humane death.