February 29, 2012

TOP TEN CAUSE: Be The Change 4 Animals

Thank you so very much to Kim Clune for writing a wonderful article about me and Amazon CARES on the Be the Change 4 Animals website.  Please take time to learn more about Amazon CARES and what we do by reading her well written and researched article here.

In the meantime, I want to introduce our readers to a community of activists that are indeed making a significant change for causes, activists and animals around the world.

We are resurrecting our Top 10 Awards because of the incredible and indelible mark btc4animals has made in the world.  Thus, we present the community of Be The Change 4 Animals our first Top Ten Cause 2012 award!

 About BtC4animals

"Our Mission is to Help You"

With many worthwhile animal causes to support, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. By banding together like-minded folks with a strong, collective voice, the goal of BtC4Animals is to ignite and accelerate the change we can make as individuals at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm.


BtC History

The Be the Change Challenge, a lively movement to help animals in need, originated in Columbus, OH in March, 2010 at BlogPaws- the first ever gathering of pet bloggers. 50+ bloggers partook in an experiment, choosing one day of action and blogging about a plethora of animal needs. The list of creative, ambitious and actionable solutions offered a tangible feeling of solidarity to make the world a better place for animals in need. 

What was missing was a way to reconnect.
Inspired by the strength and support of this passionate animal community, Kim Clune of  This One Wild Life wanted to recapture the energy of that day, to create a central place to share information regularly, to bring people together to make a difference for all animals, domestic and wild.

Kim shared her thoughts with Amy Burkert of GoPetFriendly.com, and together, they felt an unmistakable energy, a creative spark and the determination to bring their ideas to fruition. Kim developed a website to create a community connection through quarterly Blog the Change events. Amy brought Cause of the Week to the table.

Within a month, the BTC4Animals Facebook and Twitter community was born and the website followed days later. The BTC4Animals Team now consists of 8 volunteer writers, cause scouts, and social community managers. Managed by Kim Clune, democratic input stems from the entire BTC4Animals family, including:

Kim Clune - This One Wild Life
Amy Burkert - Take Paws
Peggy Frezon - Peggy’s Pet Place
Kim Thomas - CindyLu’s Muse
Vicki Cook - Bunny’s Blog
Maggie Marton - Oh My Dog! blog
Shauna Stewart - Fido & Wino
Mary Haight - Dancing Dog Blog
Mel Freer - No Dog About It

Start following these 9 Inspiring Activists Today!

Within the scope of a year, volunteer writers and cause scouts coalesced to from Team BTC, making this a community-run website managed by Kim with valuable, democratic input from all. The BTC community has since grown more than 10,000 supporters strong, and the work of each important member was duly recognized when BTC4animals.com was nominated (and subsequently won)  Best Cause Blog for the 2011 Petties AwardsWell deserved, I say!  Well deserved!

 I am honored that your community chose to feature Amazon CARES.

Written by Molly Mednikow 


P.S. - We blogged about Shauna Stewart, naming her a Top 10 Featured Activist for 2011, in March, 2011.  Read that post here.

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