January 26, 2012

Please Support These Abandoned Puppies!

Please support our latest group of abandoned puppies!

This is Pepita.  We estimate that she is three years old.  She was abandoned in a cardboard box along with her litter of seven puppies.  Six of those puppies survived.  She appears to be a Cocker Spaniel mix.  She is a relaxed dog that loves attention.  She has one female puppy and five male puppies.  Sponsor Pepita Today!

One of the male puppies has been named Justin, in honor of Justin Martin, a volunteer currently working at the Amazon CARES shelter.  Justin is the largest of the litter, and he is very playful and friendly.  Perhaps the staff thought to call the largest of the litter Justin, because Justin himself is 6'7"!  Sponsor Justin Today!

Pepita's lone female puppy does not have a name yet.  
We are depending on our supporters to give her a name.  Sponsor Female Puppy Today!

The four puppies below are male offspring of Pepita.  They also need names!



These two puppies were abandoned at our in-town Veterinary Clinic.  The person that abandoned them could have been a Good Samaritan, or he could have been their owner.  They are a bit younger than Pepita´s brood, although both Pily and Mily are larger than most of the other pups.  Of the two, Pily is larger. 


  1. Your website to sponsor Pily does not work

  2. Thank you for letting me know. The link is now functional!


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