January 5, 2012

Pet Adoption Record in 2011

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety works to reduce the overpopulation of domestic animals through aggressive spay and neuter clinics for street animals and owned animals of those with low incomes.  We wrote about this program in a prior blog, In Defense of Capture-Neuter-Release.  Most animals we treat are released back where we first encountered them.

We also rescue abandoned kittens and puppies too young to live on their own, injured animals, or animals needing medical treatment.  These animals stay at our beautiful and spacious no-kill animal shelter located in Cabo Lopez, a jungle area near Iquitos.

At any given time we house between 25-35 animals.  During 2011 we had a record year of adoptions.  This is amazing as we have had to create demand for former street animals in a culture that does not completely understand why adoption is important.

In 2011 we adopted out 70 animals!  You can see many of these adoption photos on Facebook in our Adoption Album.  Below is a brief Flickr slideshow of some of our 2011 Adoptions.  Enjoy!

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  1. Congratulations, and kudos to you for the awesome work you do!


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