November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Holidays!

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These images are featured in the 2012 Amazon CARES wall calendar.

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November 28, 2011

Did You Know? Human Health Initiatives by CARES

One of the most important programs carried out by Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety is also one of our least heralded programs.  We work with the Peruvian Ministry of Health to distribute Albendazole, a broad spectrum anti-parasitic medication, to the human population in the remote areas we serve.

During our years of providing veterinary care to remote and poor areas, we discovered that domestic animals were riddled with parasites.  Albendazole is effective against roundworms, tapeworms among many other variety of worm infestations.

Since we started this program we have treated over 25,000 humans for parasites.  This is especially important in areas where children are infested with worms that rob them of gaining nutrients from their food.  

Studies demonstrate that where animal health improves, so does public health.  Amazon CARES takes this a step further by distributing anti-parasitic medicines during our veterinary trips, thus preventing further cross infection of parasites between humans and domestic animals.

November 11, 2011

2012 Exciting Veterinary Trips starting in February!

Amazon CARES first volunteer veterinary trip begins on Saturday, February 18th and end on Sunday, March 4, 2012. Iquitos is the most remote city in the world, and is only accessible by air or water. No roads lead to Iquitos! If you are interested in attending one of our trips, keep this in mind when making travel arrangements, as flight schedules often require an overnight in Lima, Peru. We need participants to be in Iquitos ready to start work on the first morning of the trip date.

The proposed itinerary is below:

November 3, 2011

Three Week Volunteer Vet Campaign Wrap-Up

October has been a busy month for Amazon CARES in Peru!  See our stats below!

Vet Ventures sponsored an international group of volunteers from England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA.  They began arriving in time for our World Animal Day Parade.  Following that, they traveled to Caballo Cocha in the Ramon Castilla district of the Amazon region, which borders Colombia and Brazil.  States Bruno Antoine, Director of Amazon CARES in Peru, "without getting into political issues, Caballo Cocha is the concrete illustration of a municipality that cares about their animals and for the preservation of the environment. They have given us full cooperation, there is a real interest from the authorities: good logistics and coordination with the health center, media coverage, organization of lectures and a parade, and as a result the massive participation of the population ... to the benefit of all. "