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March 30, 2011

Join the fun! Listen to Molly's webcast from Peru this Thursday!

Upcoming Web Radio Show: 3/31/2011 6:30 - 7:30 PM EST 

Please listen to my guest spot from Peru on Thursday, March 31 at 6:30 PM EST. 

Simply go to at the mentioned time. It would mean a lot to me to have an "audience." 
"Great radio for pet lovers. Robbin and Joseph Everett take a look at all things pet. Hilarity and mayhem usually on the agenda. Molly Mednikow of Amazon CARES will be calling in from the Amazon to report on preparations for a Vets Abroad program starting April 10."
Thank You! -- Molly / Time: 3/31/2011 6:30 PM
Call-in Number: (760) 683-2665

Sleeping on the Airport Floor

What Happened!?! I checked in at 4 AM for my flight...

I managed a cat nap on the cold airport floor, no doubt warmed by Claudia´s contribution. I wandered around the airport like a zombie and at 4 AM went to check in to my flight that departed at 6:20. I slept most of the way stretched out across three seats on a less than full flight! Yea!

Surely I´d wake up to some dollars chipped in. I didnĂ‚´t know until now. My iPhone doesn´t want to roam here. Hmmm, will have to deal with that.

More to report soon!

Posted today 9:31am

I wouldn`t do that to you!

Just because I am tired and bored I wouldn`t start calling you in the middle of the night. Unless you wanted me too. Anyone awake out there?

Posted today 2:49am

Airport Floors are Freezing!!!! 2:37 AM

Fatigue took ove and I tried to nap for 30 minutes on the floor. Man, that tile is cold. I hope I didn`t offend anybody with my prior comments. I think it is great that people believe so strongly they have the courage to get out their and spread the word. Hey, I`m an evangelist of sorts for dogs in Peru, right? Wow, that just sounds so wrong.

I rose from my respite and learned Claudia Gonzalez had Chipped In $10! Thank you so much Claudia!!!

Posted today 2:37am

(Almost) 2AM Update

Where did all the Bible Thumpers Come From?

When they changed out of their jammies and snuggies they were all wearing bright blue shirts with a big, I mean BIG cross. A Peru Mission. Just what the natives are waiting for....

I Shoulda Had a Donut
I thought a sugary treat might be called for after I received my first ChipIn donation. I guess everyone I know is asleep. Maybe I should have gone to the hotel as my bf advised me to do.

I asked the Internet Cafe dude if he wanted a donut. He asked for a hamburger instead. Thus, the Happy Meal fiasco. Don`t ask... I just feel ill.....

Wow I`d really love a Donut!
There is a Dunkin Donuts at the Lima airport. If I wasn`t determined to squeeze some micro-donations out of people, I`d think about leaving my luggage and making a mad dash to grab a chocolate glazed donut. I am so tired too. But why waste $50 on a hotel when that will pay to help more animals!

Don`t put off a small donation that will make you smile inside!

Midnight at the Lima, Peru airport

I just landed in Lima, Peru. I would like to go to a nearby airport hotel and sleep, but I just booked a 6:30 AM flight to Iquitos, where Amazon Community Animal Resue, Education and Safety is based. I`ve decided to save the taxi and hotel money and instead stay up all night spreading the word about Amazon CARES.

For many months I`ve been helping other veterinary volunteers raise money to come to Peru and help us spay and neuter homeless animals in remote jungle areas.

The truth is, I don`t earn a salary as the Founder of Amazon CARES, and I need to raise money for my trip as well. So for the next 4 hours (I have to check in for my next flight at 4:30 AM), I am going to self-promote. What`s new, some might say. :) How much can I raise in four hours? Especially in the middle of the night!!

March 29, 2011

Great Book: Ahound the World: Promoting pet adoption worldwide!!

Check out this entertaining book!  

Amazon CARES is featured in the March 2011 book  Ahound the World by Joanne Lefson.  Joanne and her dog, Oscar, are on a worldwide mission to promote animal adoption!  We were lucky to have her and Oscar visit CARES!

"Through a thicket of overgrowth, Molly cleared the way for a jungle shelter.....(CARES) has instilled a new perspective on animal welfare in one of the poorest regions in the world.  It is simply remarkable."

This book is an entertaining romp about the misadventures of a dog traveling where no dog has gone before!

Molly Mednikow, Executive Director
Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety (CARES)

March 27, 2011

New Volunteer Lodging at CARES' Jungle Facility!

Readers of this blog are well aware of our April “Vets Abroad”* trip!  Recently I wrote about what our volunteers can expect to eat.  Today I am writing about their accommodations!!

Volunteers and I have always squeezed in together in my cozy little house at our jungle refuge.  The house is three bedrooms and three baths and sleeps up to 7 people.  Read my prior blog about volunteer lodging!  Our April group of vets have a wonderful surprise in store for them!

In December 2010 we embarked on the ambitious project of expanding and maintaining our jungle facility.  We were prompted by CGI’s generous donation to build a new kennel and play area for puppies and small dogs. 

Mid-construction of volunteer house
Maintenance issues were also a concern.  Ants had eaten through the wires of most electrical outlets in my home (we have a generator – there is no electricity nearby).  Few electric fans could function without an outlet, especially when people needed to recharge their cameras, etc.  The generator only runs a few hours a day, so we had to undo the ant damage!!  Finally, our multi-purpose building, the Maloca, needed new roofing, as did many areas of the shelter.

March 25, 2011

What Amazon CARES Volunteers Eat!

This blog is about the food Amazon CARES volunteers will eat while in Peru.  It is not a traditional food blog about Iquitos and local cuisine, as we westernize our food a bit for our volunteers.  We also serve many vegetarian dishes that are not cooked in any animal fats.  This is not too common in Iquitos.

Amazon CARES employs a housekeeper and cook when volunteers are on-site.  Marlene (pronounced Mar-Lay-Nay) is loved by all, especially for her incredible cooking skills.  Once we had a table combining vegans, vegetarians, lactose intolerant, food allergic volunteers, and she skillfully fed every single one of us.  All foods are washed and cooked in filtered water.

Nobody has ever gotten sick eating food cooked by Marlene, however sometimes people do experience a mild reaction to the quick change in diet.  I caution all travelers about eating food off the street, as this often leads to the harshest stomach reactions.  On a recent trip some adventurous volunteers ate barbecued maggots in the market.  Yuch!  But they survived!

Marlene’s cuisine is a delicious combination of indigenous Amazonian and traditional Peruvian dishes.  Each region of Peru is very distinct, and the Amazon region features cuisine that is very palatable to most travelers.  More adventurous people can sample exotic dishes made with caiman (lagarto), wild boar (huangana), guinea pigs and piranha.  However these dishes will have to be tried at a local restaurant.  At the Amazon CARES lodge we stick with the basics.

March 22, 2011

April Adventure - Excitement is Mounting for Vets Abroad Program!

I am departing for the Amazon in less than a week, and I am full-on excited!  We have a tremendous team of volunteers that will be joining me in Peru for part of my time there.  We've written about our "A" team coming in April 2011 more than a few times on our blog.  Our fundraising superstar, Dr. Patrick Mahaney, has already started to practice his video blogging skills (See our prior blog).  Social media superstar blogger "Dr. V" is joining us too, as is Virtual Vet Amanda Brown.  We've also introduced you to Vet Tech Nikka Harvey.

There are other volunteers coming you might not know about!  And I am also announcing our final itinerary details!!

March 21, 2011

Dr Patrick Mahaney Video Blog- Amazon Cares Fundraising


The preparatory process is full swing for my veterinary philanthropic Amazon Cares trip to Peru in April 2011. A Yellow fever vaccination has been injected into my left tricep (ouch), an anti-Malaria and other prescription medications are ready to be picked up at the pharmacy, and I am working on my video blogging skills.
Between the cost of travel and Amazon Cares’ fees, my financial needs to pursue this “vetunteering” (the veterinary version of volunteering) total approximately $3000.  Any donations received exceeding this amount will be further utilized by Amazon Cares.
Please help to fund my first veterinary philanthropic trip by making a tax deductible financial contribution of $25 (or more) to my Amazon Cares cause.
Please visit this Amazon Cares webpage to make a secure donation.
At the Donation Dedication prompt, please click “on behalf of” and write Dr. Patrick Mahaney. Then, type in under “please send acknowledgment of this gift to:”.
I will be writing and recording video blogs to share my experiences, so please sign up for (convenient) email delivery of my veterinary blog by following this link.
Thank you to all that have already given a financial donation to my Amazon Cares cause or gave me some publicity through FacebookTwitter, or other social media outlets.

March 18, 2011

#FollowFriday & a Top Ten Activist: #Pawcircle Peeps!

This #FollowFriday we are highlighting a movement on Twitter, the #Pawcircle.  We are awarding one of out Top Ten Awards to Dana Moody, who started the Pawcircle movement.

The Pawcircle is a warm place that sends healing thoughts to Anipals!  Highlighted in this blog, and people we recommend you follow are:

Dana, @danapixie, joined Twitter a couple of years ago thinking she would follow some cyclist and local news folks. They didn't tweet very exciting things so one day she started looking around to see who else was out there.  

March 14, 2011

Top 10 Activist- Shauna & the R.O.A.R. Squad!

Shauna and Miss Kayloo

"I want to make adopting a rescue animal THE hippest 
thing on the block."
We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 
I was recently made aware of the R.O.A.R. Squad (Rescue Owners are Rockin') and am charmed by its ambition:  to put together a blog including a rescue animal owner from every state, every Canadian province and territory and from her "Super Wicked Peeps" category (actors and pilots and dancers, oh my! among others).  Now peopled with literally hundreds of rescue owners and their charges, the R.O.A.R. Squad is the go-to place for those looking for inspiration and that warm fuzzy feeling from seeing animals that had previously been homeless now such cherished members of the family. 

March 10, 2011

TOP TEN AWARD: 365 Days of Animal Advocacy

I Love Rescue Animals (ILRA)  -  365 Days of Animal Advocacy

This is our Second Top Ten Award for 2011!

I Love Rescue Animals (ILRA) is an organization founded by two passionate women, Nikki and Ashley, and their happy, rescue mutt named Spunky (the beloved mascot). Their goal is to raise awareness about the positive impact adopting and rescuing animals has on the world. They advocate adoption and giving second chances to those in need of homes. 

March 3, 2011

Green Organizations to #FollowFriday

St. Patrick's Day isn't the only reason to go green this month (and every month)!  This #FollowFriday we feature 9 "Green" organizations.  Whether or not you agree with all their tactics or policies, these are Twitter accounts worth considering.  Our goal for our Follow Friday blogs is to help people have a well-rounded group of people to follow and learn from!

 Remember to see all of our Featured Follow Friday suggestions here.


March 2, 2011