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February 25, 2011

The "A Team" - #FollowFriday our April volunteers!

This week we are featuring Tweeters that are coming to Peru this April.  Our April line-up is very impressive!  Be sure to #FollowFriday these great people!  One of our participants, @Jack_Harvey may not be able to make the trip as their sponsorship donations have fallen short.  Please read about Jack below and consider helping him out so he can join his wife Nikka with us in Peru!

Be sure to read about all these amazing Tweeple and #FollowFriday them.

February 23, 2011

Eduardo Pictures: Before and After - Worldess Wednesday Blog

Eduardo, named in honor of Donor Edward Vargo, rescued in December 2010.
Eduardo as of February, 2011.

A beautiful, well behaved dog, we believe his adoption is not far off!

February 17, 2011

Street Dogs To be Captured More Humanely Thanks to CGI!

In Iquitos, so close to the equator, night falls abruptly, without much in the way of warning.  Every afternoon at around 5:30 or so comes the mad rush from the bustle of the city to the bucolic jungle paths, children playing, laughter and smells of exotic meals wafting from open doorways.  During my brief sojourn in Peru, I would always try to soak up the atmosphere, the sights, sounds and smells, to make an indelible impression on my mind. 

Not Molly.  While I rested in the jostling moto, her eyes scanned the roadside food stands, the children, the dogs idly scratching, sniffing garbage, lying in the dusty road.  There was one she was seeking - a dog so horribly disfigured from mange his skin took on the wrinkled, mottled, cracked appearance of an elephant's hide.  He was elusive; it seemed he knew when she was without a cage or someone to help - then he would show himself.  Sometimes Molly would solicit aid, and bring Harris or Bruno with their long-poled dog-catching nets; on those occasions, the dog would make himself scarce, neatly eluding her pursuit.  As much as we want to help the street dogs, it is apparent that they are scared to death of our help, and take great pains to avoid us.

Amazon CARES thanks CGI Corporate Social Responsibility for their generous $2500 grant that will assist in our capture and transport of street dogs.

This is not the first time CGI has made a difference for animals in the Amazon.  Read more...

#FollowFridays in Honor of Black History Month

This week's #FollowFriday list features organizations, people, and media resources that provide special services to many people, especially those in the African American Community.  There are many obvious prominent African Americans to follow on Twitter, such as @Oprah, and some of our suggestions may seem just as obvious.  Nevertheless, we have researched the following, and hope you may find some interesting new twitter accounts to follow.  We feature, in no particular order, the following:

Read about each of these tweeters below:

February 14, 2011

Sweet Memories Replace Jewelry for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you have something romantic and exciting in store for you.  Jewelry is a very popular gift, and as a veteran of the jewelry business I know this all too well.  That was before Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety....

This morning, while cleaning out papers, I came across a long-forgotten article written in early 2003 by Atlanta Jewish Life magazine.  I spoke as much about my charity work as I did the jewelry store!  The text of the article is below.  The most interesting part is what happened AFTER this article was published.  You'll have to scroll to the bottom to learn about that!

Article Text:

To hear Molly Mednikow describe her passion for charity work you's never believe she had time to run one of the finest jewelry stores in the country.

A mere 34 years old, she's accomplished more than many retirees, operating a challenging and successful business, as well as changing the world with countless hours of charity.  But it hasn't been without struggle, both internal and external, from agonizing over her career choice to fighting for the welfare of children and animals in the Peruvian Amazon.

Molly's great uncle Jacob, a Russian immigrant, opened the first Mednikow Jewelry Store in Memphis in 1891.  With no children to inherit the family business, Jacob left the company to brother John, who eventually passed it down to Molly's father, Bob.  When it came time for Bob to pass the torch, he and Molly's brother, Jay, jumped on board and helped her open her own store in Phipps Plaza in 1995.

But jewelry is not Mednikow's first love.  An avid volunteer, Mednikow is active in an organization called Rivers of the World, delivering school supplies to remote villages in the Amazon.  There, she started Amazon Dog Rescue, saving strays or "village dogs" that often are treated poorly, and helped convert a veterinarian's backyard into a dog shelter.

But it took some time to reconcile the impact of her volunteer work in the Amazon with her lifestyle back home.  Several years ago, she left the family business.  "I had a crisis of conscience," she says, adding that she started to doubt the value of her career.  "Every time I sold a Rolex watch, I reflected on the number of people I could be feeding with that money."

Mednikow came to realize she could do more as owner of Mednikow Jewelers than she could if she were devoting her full-time efforts to charity.  She became involved in children's charities in Atlanta, including Childkind and the Foundation for Medically Fragile Children, as well as UNICEF and Prevent Child Abuse Georgia.  She and her family also encourage their employees to do community service, and the company recently was presented with a philanthropy award from the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America's Atlanta chapter.

Mednikow says she has come full circle in balancing her personal goals with her professional life.  "I fought my way into the business, and once in, I had to fight for respectability.  Then I had to fight to stay in,"  she explains.  "Finally, the fight is over."  written by Susan Hayden.  Photo by Caroline Joe.


In 2004 while on a one month trip to Peru I ended up staying.  I gave up the corporate lifestyle and Amazon Dog Rescue eventually evolved into Amazon CARES.  I sold the jewelry business back to my family in 2005, and if looking for a Valentine Gift or any fine watch or jewelry, I highly recommend Mednikow Jewelers!  I do not receive accolades as before, but I have been recognized with a "Kindred Spirit" Award by the Doris Day Animal League as well as the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Community Service.

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February 12, 2011

Happy Ending for Jesus!

Must see photos of rescue dog "Jesus!" He has been adopted into a wonderful family! The pictures depict the fella at time of rescue, recovering and healthy at Christmas, and with his forever family that adopted him in February 2011!

Help us continue saving lives on our upcoming veterinary trips.  Consider sponsoring a volunteer!


February 11, 2011

10 Environmental Organizations to #FollowFriday

This week's #FollowFriday list features environmental organizations, especially those that focus on the rainforest.  For self promotion purposes we included ourselves, but also to demonstrate the powerful link between animal, human and environmental health.  These organizations may be well known, and we were saddened by a lack of a Twitter presence of many great rainforest and conservation organizations that are not as well known.  Next week, we plan to highlight smaller grassroots organizations that may not be on Twitter, but deserve recognition.  Here we have, for February 11, 2011, our #FollowFriday list of environmental organizations.  This Valentine's Day, remember to LOVE THE PLANET too!

@AmazonCares - Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety 
@AmazonWatch - Amazon Watch
@captainplanetfd - Captain Planet Foundation
@nature_org - Nature Conservancy
@Rainforest2Reef - Rainforest 2 Reef
@RAN - Rainforest Action Network
@RnfrstAlliance - Rainforest Alliance
@RainforestUS - Rainforest Foundation
@rainforest4ever - World Land Trust-US (WLT-US)
@Sierra_Club - Sierra Club

February 9, 2011

Shipibo Tribe Survives & Creates Beautiful Art.

Yoanna of the Shipibo Tribe
In an earlier blog, we announced that Lonely Planet and CNN had both named Iquitos as one of the Top Ten cities to visit in 2011.  If you have the chance to visit this unique, one-of-a-kind, remote city, you may be interested in the Indian tribes of the region.  Sadly, most tribes you encounter near Iquitos are very westernized, demonstrating their traditional dress and customs for tourist groups and during festivals and holidays.  

The Shipibo Indian tribe clings to their traditions.  They are known for their intricate designs on their pottery and their bright clothing.  A small number of Shipibo people live in Iquitos where they make and sell their uniquely patterned art and craft.  

Their beautiful textiles are perfect as wall hangings, table cloths or bedcovers, these hand embroidered and painted Shipibo tribe fabrics are produced in the central Peruvian Amazon. The designs on each cloth are said to be unique and never repeated. The Shipibo obtain these designs from the spirit world, usually during an ayahuasca session, where the pattern is produced inside the head by vibrations, often associated with specific spirit songs being sung by the participant. The designs are brought back from ayahuasca sessions into daily life, being repeated in body paint, on ceramics and even houses to help invoke harmony and health.

February 4, 2011

Working to Protect Women! 8 to #FollowFriday

During 2011 I an working to really know those that I recommend for #FollowFriday.  My goal is to highlight a person / organization for every day of the year. I seek out grass-roots organizations and activists where possible.  Please make a comment if you can suggest a tweeter (including yourself) that should be featured!).

Today, with the help of Manuela (@manuelasworld, a person definitely worth following), I am recommending 8 Twitter accounts to Follow.  This week I am highlighting women's causes, protection, development , etc.. Today, February 4, 2011. In almost alphabetical order, I present 8 accounts worth following on Twitter!


 LaQuisha Hall, @Queendom_TEA, is at the top of this otherwise alphabetical list, because I think her story is powerful and personal, and that she represents the women being helped and those working to help others.  She is our FEATURED ACTIVIST this month!

Please read more below!

February 3, 2011

Join the Harveys on their Volunteer Journey to the Amazon!

Nicole and Jack Harvey are two of the volunteers that will be joining Amazon Community Animal Rescue in Peru for two weeks this April.   It will be an exciting journey, and we'd like to introduce our soon-to-be guests and fellow workers! This is our first trip that combines an eco-tourism component with a rigorous work schedule.  See the itinerary.
You can be a part of their amazing journey.   Please visit The Ruff Road Ahead, the website created to raise funds for their expedition; any contribution is gratefully accepted!

Nicole, or Nikka as many know her, developed her love for animals at an early age. As a child she used to bandage her healthy pups and nurse them "back to health."  Her childhood household always teemed with animals, from cats to dogs, to wildlife such as injured and orphaned raccoons and squirrels that young Nikka rehabilitated.  As an adult, Nikka lived for a time in Taiwan where she saw countless numbers of street dogs, hungry for food and attention.  It broke her heart to see the neglect, the starvation, the abuse, and the needless suffering.  These are all common sights in the region where Amazon CARES works to create a better life for animals.