October 10, 2011

No Words Needed between Animals and the Deaf

Amazon CARES works to build relationships of warmth, tenderness and love for all animals.  

The children of EFATA, the school for the deaf, visited the dogs at the CARES no-kill shelter in Cabo Lopez.  It was a day of many happy moments with students and helpful volunteers as well as the participation of local Boy Scouts.

The CARES shelter plays an important role, as it rehabilitates former street animals and readies them to be adopted.  There are currently 30 young volunteers involved in their work.

"Each scheduled visit we make to the shelter, results in more dog adoptions.  People go to the shelter, play with a dog and bond with the animal.  It is known, and there are many studies that promote the important role that animals have in the rehabilitation of people, alleviation of depression and assistance for people with their motor skills.  An animal can be a tool for those people." said Bruno Antoine, the Director of CARES in Peru.

This is the third time that CARES has hosted the deaf children from the EFAT institution.  "On other visits, we adopted two dogs from CARES," stated EFATA Director, Pastor Abraham.  He further stated of his belief in the importance of animals for the children.  The animals do not judge, and there is no communication problem because contact is made directly to the heart "

Thanks to the support of Explorama, who donated the use of their boats to ferry the children to the shelter in Cabo Lopez. "Now there are three dogs that have been given in adoption to these institutions we are so pleased to see the kids running around the green areas with our dogs.  It is incredibly rewarding."

This article appeared in the Peruvian press here and has been translated by Molly Mednikow to the best of her ability.  

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