October 12, 2011

Saturday Blog Hop: Memorial to a Street Dog

Dear Street Dog:

I apologize for not giving you a name.  You deserved a name.  But my heart was breaking when the Veterinarian told me of your condition, and giving you a name would have made it worse.  I mourn you, even if others do not.

At one time you probably had a family.  Why did they abandon you?  Were you with your family when you got sick?  I wish they had taken you to a Veterinarian then.  I might not be saying goodbye to you today, had that been the case.

I´ve seen impossible cases...dogs that looked even worse than you, and they have healed and rebounded into beautiful dogs that find forever homes.  This was not your fate.  In addition to multiple tumors, including those in your lymph nodes, your heart was weak.  I knew the outcome, and asked if you could have a meal first.  I wanted you to feel some love in your last moments of life.

You had no appetite, rejecting the food and water we brought to you.  You went peacefully, and I will bury you with many other wonderful pets in the jungle at Cabo Lopez.

I feel the collective pain of animal rescuers everywhere.  No matter the ones we save...there is always so much more to be done.  Rest in Peace street dog.  Your life of suffering has ended, and I believe you are in a better place.  I longed to see your sores heal, and for your white hair to grow in.  That won´t happen for you on this Earth.  Please understand and be well.  I promise not to forget you.  

Love, Molly

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