October 1, 2011

Brigitte Bardot: 35 Years of Animal Rights Activism

Saturday Blog Hop Celebrates Brigitte Bardot and her Activism for Animals.

In the 60s and 70s, stunning French actress Brigitte Bardot, with signature pouty lips, wild, flaxen hair and Gallic zest for life, gained fans worldwide by her acting and her great beauty; however it is her passion for the welfare of animals which has won our hearts.  Her activism on behalf of animals began in 1962:   Ms. Bardot championed the cause of humane slaughter of animals for meat and outlaw of the baby seal fur trade, both of which resulted in regulation which helped to end barbaric mistreatment of animals.

These early victories galvanized Ms. Bardot to continue working towards humane treatment of animals, culminating in the 1986 creation of her animal rights concern, The Brigitte Bardot Foundation.  With the Foundation funding everything from global sterilization and vaccination campaigns of stray dogs in Europe to protection of baby seals, rhinoceroses, polar bears and whales, Ms. Bardot's Foundation has served to educate the public of the problems of companion animal overpopulation, inhumane slaughter of food animals, and cruel hunting practices.  Since 2009, the Foundation has funded Amazon CARES with an annual gift to aid us to sterilize hundreds of street dogs, helping to significantly curb what was a steadily growing population of semi-feral animals. September 28, 2011 marks the Foundation's 35th year (as well as Ms. Bardot's birthday!), and Amazon CARES wants to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Bardot for her invaluable contribution to not only CARES, but to the cause of animal welfare throughout the world.  We are so grateful for Ms. Bardot's generosity, without which it is unlikely CARES would have been able to continue in its work.  From all of us at CARES, thank you, Ms. Bardot!

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Written by Linda Schwefel


  1. YAY for Brigitte Bardot

  2. It's wonderful when people use their influence to help animals!

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