October 27, 2011

Bonnett's To the Rescue....Again!!

Profesora with her 2 day old pups!
David and Dottie Bonnett have been loyal benefactors of Amazon CARES since our early days. Some of our very first rescues occurred because of the Bonnett´s generosity and patronage.   Attentive readers may recognize their name from a recent blog about a disabled pet and his sight-impaired owner.

I recently wrote a Memorial to a Street Dog for a dog we could not save.  On a happier note, I want to write about the miracle of life and how happy we are to have rescued a Mama pup and her two puppies that were only two days old.   David and Dottie Bonnett rescued these three animals through their generous sponsorships of various animal rescues.
Linda (bottom) and Fiesta (top) at 2 weeks!

Profesora seems thrilled to have a home at the CARES shelter!

We named the Mom "Profesora" to honor Mindy.  Both pups are female.  The blonder one is named Fiesta, in honor of Kirby and the other pup is named Linda (which means "pretty") in honor of their daughter Shannon Bonnett Kirby.

Soon I will be writing about more of the Bonnett's special rescue pets.  For today I wanted to celebrate that we were able to rescue these animals from the street, and ensure the safety of the puppies.  Thank you David and Dottie for your loyalty and support over many years!

We are trying to raise $12,000 by March 1, 2012.  If we succeed, a matching donor will donate $18,000!  Read more about this amazing 150% matching donation.  Please support our work today!  Thank you.

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