October 31, 2011

Clotilde Grows Hair for Halloween!

At the time of rescue
Please help us save the lives of wonderful animals like Clotilde.  Please make a donation today.

BIG NEWS!  If we can raise $12,000 by March 10, 2012, Rick Britton, a 150% Matching Donor, will donate $18,000 to CARES.  Please support us generously TODAY!  Read more about it!

October 27, 2011

Bonnett's To the Rescue....Again!!

Profesora with her 2 day old pups!
David and Dottie Bonnett have been loyal benefactors of Amazon CARES since our early days. Some of our very first rescues occurred because of the Bonnett´s generosity and patronage.   Attentive readers may recognize their name from a recent blog about a disabled pet and his sight-impaired owner.

I recently wrote a Memorial to a Street Dog for a dog we could not save.  On a happier note, I want to write about the miracle of life and how happy we are to have rescued a Mama pup and her two puppies that were only two days old.   David and Dottie Bonnett rescued these three animals through their generous sponsorships of various animal rescues.
Linda (bottom) and Fiesta (top) at 2 weeks!

October 17, 2011

Colombian Border Town Highlight of Veterinary Trip

Interview with Kristen Winn, Veterinary Assistant from Lake Oswego, Oregon.  

Kristen is a member of the Veterinary Ventures October 2011 volunteer trip to the Amazon region of Peru.  Most of her time was spent near the Colombian border in the District of Caballo Cocha.

Amazon CARES:  What were your expectations from this trip?

Kristen Winn:  I expected to be part of a team with similar goals in terms of learning about a new culture, helping animals with the added bonus of improving my skills as a Veterinary Assistant.

AC:  Did you have any fears or expectations about the trip?

KW:  No.  I am pretty adventurous and I love to travel.  I like the challenge.  My parents and and husband were fearful.  "You´re going where!?!"  But here I am!  The trip met all of my expectations.

October 12, 2011

Saturday Blog Hop: Memorial to a Street Dog

Dear Street Dog:

I apologize for not giving you a name.  You deserved a name.  But my heart was breaking when the Veterinarian told me of your condition, and giving you a name would have made it worse.  I mourn you, even if others do not.

At one time you probably had a family.  Why did they abandon you?  Were you with your family when you got sick?  I wish they had taken you to a Veterinarian then.  I might not be saying goodbye to you today, had that been the case.

I´ve seen impossible cases...dogs that looked even worse than you, and they have healed and rebounded into beautiful dogs that find forever homes.  This was not your fate.  In addition to multiple tumors, including those in your lymph nodes, your heart was weak.  I knew the outcome, and asked if you could have a meal first.  I wanted you to feel some love in your last moments of life.

October 10, 2011

No Words Needed between Animals and the Deaf

Amazon CARES works to build relationships of warmth, tenderness and love for all animals.  

The children of EFATA, the school for the deaf, visited the dogs at the CARES no-kill shelter in Cabo Lopez.  It was a day of many happy moments with students and helpful volunteers as well as the participation of local Boy Scouts.

The CARES shelter plays an important role, as it rehabilitates former street animals and readies them to be adopted.  There are currently 30 young volunteers involved in their work.

October 6, 2011

Bruno´s Blog: World Animal Day Iquitos

The following article originally appeared in La Region, daily newspaper of Iquitos, Peru.   

Bruno Antoine, Director of Amazon CARES Peru
With the participation of voluntary youth groups, organizations, schools and other institutions, the NGO Cares, has been promoting the walk, "I am part of your world, don´t be indifferent" to be held this Saturday 01 October in a prelude to World Animal Day and the Day of Saint Francis of Assisi, defender of animals.


October 1, 2011

Brigitte Bardot: 35 Years of Animal Rights Activism

Saturday Blog Hop Celebrates Brigitte Bardot and her Activism for Animals.

In the 60s and 70s, stunning French actress Brigitte Bardot, with signature pouty lips, wild, flaxen hair and Gallic zest for life, gained fans worldwide by her acting and her great beauty; however it is her passion for the welfare of animals which has won our hearts.  Her activism on behalf of animals began in 1962:   Ms. Bardot championed the cause of humane slaughter of animals for meat and outlaw of the baby seal fur trade, both of which resulted in regulation which helped to end barbaric mistreatment of animals.