September 9, 2011

Meeting Marilyn Monroe

This post is my entry into the BlogPaws Blog Carnival Contest sponsored by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.

The beautiful blonde had backed herself into a dark corner.  At least four males surrounded her.  I watched her helplessly, knowing this was a fight neither of us could win.  She snapped and growled at the male dogs to no avail.  She was in heat.  I could not help her.  

That was 2004, the year I founded the charity Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety, better known as Amazon CARES.  Four weeks later I rescued that blonde dog.  Of our early rescue dogs, she was the healthiest.  She did not suffer from extreme mange, yet she was clearly malnourished, and something inside of me told me to take her with me to our newly rented animal shelter.

Marilyn at the CARES jungle animal shelter in 2005.
Little did I know I saved three lives when I rescued Marilyn.  As soon as Marilyn began receiving healthy, regular meals, she plumped up and we realized that she was pregnant.  She gave birth to two beautiful puppies:  A pure black male and pure white female, and my workers exclaimed and wondered HOW WAS THAT possible!?

As a nursing mother, Marilyn had special privileges, and we housed her inside the vet clinic instead of  the outdoor kennels.  I often worked late into the night, and when her puppies were asleep or she took a break from nursing, she would situate herself next to me as I worked.  She has exotic almond shaped brown eyes, that may it impossible to say no to her.  She could get whatever she desired.  

One evening I left a take-away pizza unattended.  Returning to my desk, I saw the pizza box on the floor...empty.  Marilyn was grinning from ear to ear!  I am sure she rarely found such bountiful meals while living on the streets!  I did not have it in me to be upset.  I simply hugged her and gave her a last name... Monroe.  

Marilyn and I strike a pose in 2011.
People in Iquitos have not heard of Marilyn Monroe, but the name fit Marilyn perfectly.  When we both moved to newer digs in the jungle, Marilyn lived in my thatched hut as my pet.  She preferred to stay inside my hut keeping her paws clean rather than run around with the other dogs at the shelter.  Every night we played a game.  She lay down on the floor next to my bed.  I blew out the kerosene lamp, turned off my flashlight, and went "to sleep."  Within a few minutes Marilyn would gently climb onto the bed and snuggle at my feet.

During 2008 I moved to the United States, and I brought Marilyn Monroe with me.  Now that I divide my time between the US and the Peruvian Amazon, Marilyn enjoys the benefit of two loving families.  When she and I are not together, my parents welcome her into their loving, dog-filled home!

Marilyn is the gentlest dog I have ever encountered.  In Peru she was a favorite therapy dog for disabled children.  Here in the US she instinctively knows when a person needs a paw of assurance or a soft coat to cuddle.  She listens.  She understands.  She shares in one's happiness and woes.  She has even become computer literate!  Follow Marilyn on Twitter @MarilynMonrowf!

No animal has ever brought me the happiness that I share with my beautiful Marilyn Monroe.  I feel so blessed that I rescued her from the streets of Iquitos, Peru.  I brought her to the United States where she enjoys the best possible preventative and veterinary care, and I know that I am extending her life.  We no longer play the same night time game.  Now as I prepare to sleep, she is already waiting for me on the bed, perched atop a pile of fluffy pillows, just as one one expect of Marilyn Monroe.

This post is my entry into the BlogPaws Blog Carnival Contest sponsored by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.

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  1. Hi Y'all!

    What a warm and wonderful story. So glad you shared Marilyn Monroe with us!

    Y'all come back now,
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