September 6, 2011

Bruno's Blog: August Stats

Report from Bruno Antoine, Director of Amazon CARES in Peru: (translated from Spanish)

The NGO Amazon CARES is mostly known for its campaigns of sterilization and veterinary services in poor areas of our region. In August, CARES has undertaken a new campaign of environmental health from Nauta, Bellavista-Nanay and the Yarapa River basin.

 However, even during our campaigns, our full service Veterinary Clinic on Pevas Street is open and committed throughout the year to those most in need.

In August, for example, the social agenda of the NGO, funded by contributions from veterinary clinic customers, served 34 animals in the clinic (in addition to the campaign) for a sum of Nuevo Soles S/ 1,280. (USD $470)

The following is a summary of actions taken:

Clinic costs incurred by the NGO:
5 Sterilization dogs / cats with owner S/ 100 (USD $36.66)
2 Sterilization dogs / cats of the street S/160 (USD $58.65)
16 Other animal actions with owned animals 16 S/ 980 (USD $359.35)
1 Other animal acts with animal from the street 1 S/ 40 (USD $14.67)

Apart from medical procedures, CARES has given has 8 talks (in the market for Bellavista Nanay, Puerto Miguel, Nauta, Iquitos and Isla College César Vallejo), there have been 6 interviews (Channel 2, Amazon channel, The Ribenero Nauta and Channel 19), 5 press articles, and 6 dog adoptions (Ball, Vania, Lilian, Canela, Gustavo and Ana) and 4 kitten adoptions. Sadly, we performed one euthanasia on a very ill street dog.

 As an institution, we are in the process of coordinating a health partnership with the community of Bellavista Nanay.

During our small veterinary campaign during August, we sterilized 68 animals, treated 352 animals including de-worming, flea and tick control, and treatment for mange, and distributed 1,171 Albendazole 400 mg anti-parasite tablets to humans. We also lectured to over 150 students, and adults about responsible pet ownership.

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